Ready Up Live: 2007-2018

We are evolving. Today marks Ready Up Live’s final day.

For nearly 11 years we’ve gamed together under the banner of Ready Up Live. From this day forward the team behind Ready Up Live will operate under a new name: ReadyUp.

Meet. Compete. Get Better.While the RUL website and social media accounts will remain as monuments to over a decade of content, they will no longer be active. However, the community will live on. Our Discord server has undergone a total overhaul! On the YouTube front, the Ready Up Live channel has been re-branded as Greenskull. It will continue to be a creative outlet for my content, separate but always promoting ReadyUp.

ReadyUp was founded on the pillars Meet. Compete. Get Better. Gamers of all playstyles will be able to match with like-minded players and make some memories. We believe that a friendly community is worth maintaining. With the rise of esports and high-profile gaming events, we want to create an environment that encourages viewership and participation. Team management will be a core offering of the site. For players that wish to improve their game, ReadyUp will champion helpful personalities to help all types of players climb the leaderboard.

I first met the ReadyUp founders in February 2018. I was immediately impressed by their vision and game industry tenure. Our team consists of industry veterans who’ve worked at giants ranging from IGN to Electronic Arts. With “Fatal1ty” (one of the first ever professional gamers) at the helm, esports are in our blood. We share a passion for the industry and are excited to grow alongside it. Upon meeting the crew, we quickly realized the potential symbiotic relationship. Like the talented people behind ReadyUp, RUL has been a pioneer in its space. By joining forces we could become so much bigger than if we were apart. Thus, the decision was made.

Esports will be a focus for us, and you can expect more tournament discussions and “Viewing Parties” for big games. I believe this is an amazing time to be following the industry, and I want to encourage more to do the same. ReadyUp brings the same community we’ve always been known for. Friendly, helpful members are the lifeblood of our internet family. Players of all caliber, from all walks of life fill these digital living rooms. I’m filled with excitement to continue to grow alongside this burgeoning game industry.

ReadyUp will be moving toward beta soon, so be sure to join our beta list.

When Ready Up Live was created in 2007, I never expected its story to have so many chapters. The story begins with a humble green-coloured forum bursting with community personality. As an internet family we were always evolving. We grew alongside one another. We watched countless E3s together and shared in the excitement of gaming culture. As the internet changed, we migrated to a more live environment on Discord. The RUL family became more ever-present. Whether you were looking for a Halo teammate or craving some cute animal pictures, the varied and eccentric RUL community provided.

As a staff, we’ve been through thick and thin. We’ve learned lessons about ourselves and were humbled by the challenges of managing other people. The events we attended together and the opportunities we were offered will remain forever etched in our memories. Those who have been with us the longest have become very different people than when they first joined the team. We graduated schools, we got new jobs, we moved across countries – we grew up.

From forums to Discord, from videos to social media, RUL has claimed a friendly corner of the internet to set up camp. It will always bring me joy to think of the web of friends we’ve created and the times we’ve had together. I’m extremely excited for what the future holds. Let’s continue to grow together.




Dan “Greenskull” Hammill
Content & Community at ReadyUp


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