RUL FU: We’re Back from PAX and We’re Better Than Ever!

Yes, yes it is Sunday. I’m just great at carrying on my prior legacy of never seeming to be able to get the Friday Update out on Friday. I’m just lucky to have an excuse this week! Obviously this update was meant to correspond with the update to RUL 7! Anyways, that’s probably enough of my ramblings about the date of posting, let’s get on to the content!

Well, to be honest, I almost don’t know where to start. There’s been a million things that have happened since our last Friday Update, which actually took place quite a long time ago, so that’s not exactly a shocking fact. You’ll have to excuse me for just focusing on the most recent things.

First off, if you haven’t read my Welcome to RUL7 post, now would probably be a great time to do such! LINK. I’d just like to reiterate that we would love if you would report any and all bugs that you may come across! As with any new product launch something weird is bound to happen somewhere, so let us know if something does happen.

Now let me officially and warmly welcome Velocity to the team as a member of our Community Staff. Yes he’s been a member of the team for roughly 2 or so weeks now, but that doesn’t excuse him from receiving a warm welcome from the community! So I’d love it if you could please all join me in a virtual applause of sorts. Velocity will be working directly under Start a Riot to help make your experience on the forum better! This includes working to create game nights and other engaging content for you! So look forward to seeing the results of that!

Next up, let me talk a little about PAX Prime, because I can’t just gloss over the fact that twelve of our staff, and a number of our community members made it to Seattle. Lots of crazy things happened, many laughs were had, but mostly I want to highlight that it was an absolute pleasure to meet everyone whom showed up to our RUL meet-up at the Halo 4 Global Championship. I can safely say that I hope to see even more of you at our meet-up next year! Now I’d love to go and detail everything that happened while we were at PAX, but since that’d turn out as a ridiculously massive post I’m going to just leave you with a few images instead. Hopefully these pictures will tide you over until Start a Riot makes a bigger PAX image thread in the coming weeks.

power couple
Do Soterios and Noble Watchman have competition for the RUL Power Couple? I think so! Feat: Mick & Anthrax

gum wall
RUL Represent – At the famous Pike Market Gum Wall

pax staff
Some of The RUL Staff & Duststorm at the Global Championship

And with that, I should probably get back on topic.

I’d be quite happy if you could all once again join me in congratulating someone! Minolta is joining the ranks of the Headstaff! Minolta has been with Ready Up Live for a long time now, and has consistently proven to be an amazing community & staff member; because of this and all of his contributions, such as RUL 7, we’ve decided to honour him amongst the ranks of the “elite.” Minolta will be keeping his title of Web Designer, but will now have a glow around his name. So once again give Minolta a warm congratulations! Below you’ll find a few words from Minolta.

Working with RUL over the past few years has been one of the high points of my life. The friends I have made and the fun we have had together is something I wouldn’t trade for the world. The honour of becoming a head staff member is not something I take lightly. I look forward to working with everyone here to keep Ready Up Live as the best, friendliest, coolest, most awesome-sauce-tacular gaming site on the internet for years to come.

Unfortunately, our time is coming to an end. I have nothing more to write about this week, and that means I must bid you adieu until next time.