RUL Night: GTA V

It’s almost here. It is almost finally here! GTA V Online! This is the RUL Night we’ve all been waiting for. There are no words to express the excitement that has surrounded this game and the anticipation for the Online portion. So what better way to celebrate what is anticipated to be the most intense and hilarious online multiplayer ever, than by having a RUL Night?! If you ever made it to our nights on GTA IV, you know just how insane this is going to be. I hope you guys and gals are ready, cause you’re in for quite the ride next Friday! (See what I did there?) I’ll see all of you on the streets of Los Santos.

If you haven’t already, make sure to join our Ready Up Live Crew! We pretty much have the coolest crew on the Social Club. You can post in this thread to get an invite to the crew.

Because we don’t currently know how GTA 5 Online will work, just send me a message at the start of the RUL Night and I will invite you to the game! It is possible that we will have an abundance of people, so we may be rotating people in and out every 30 minutes. See below for additional details:


What: A RUL Night on GTA V. 

When: Friday, October 4th at 6:00 P.M. Central Time

Where: Xbox Live

Game: GTA V

Gamertag(s) for invites:

Start a Riot (Community Manager) – Gamertag: Start a R1OT