Xbox One Digital Trade-Ins Will Return “When the Time is Right”

With all the upstart surrounding the Xbox One, there has been a general fan bashing on Microsoft for its policies. Xbox Director Albert Penello mentions that some of the less controversial DRM features might return if the people “calm down” and lessen the toxicity towards Xbox One and Microsoft. Here is a short interview with Albert Penello referring to the less controversial DRM features like family sharing, digital trade-ins as well as digitally lending games to your friends:

[QUOTE]”I believe, in retrospect that people have calmed down and gone back and actually looked at what we said. People are starting to understand ‘Wow, they DID want to actually let me to loan and trade which other ecosystems won’t let me do.’ So, yeah, I do think we need that. I get a lot of emails saying ‘God, PLEASE bring back the family sharing!’ We’d love to figure out how to bring that back, we think its a good idea. Maybe it was a little too soon for some people, but I still think there was a lot of good ideas in there, and we’ll bring it back when the time is right.”[/QUOTE]

As well as talking about bringing back the more positive DRM features, the other hot topic of the interview was the plan allowing users to upgrade their Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One. Microsoft have planned to allow you to upgrade your game for the low price of $9.99. Unfortunately this is a US only offer; they currently have no other plans to implement this system into any other countries. The main reason being that other countries do not have Microsoft stores.