GTA Online Guide: How to Make the Most Money at Los Santos Customs

By now, most of us have found a method for making quick money in GTA Online. Some like to run over pedestrians and take their money, while others like to constantly play missions or various jobs. However, one of the easiest ways to make a quick buck in GTA Online is by selling a vehicle to the Los Santos Customs. Because you can only sell a car once a day in GTA time or 48 minutes in real life time, we don’t want you wasting your time with cheap cars that barely give you enough money to buy a sweet outfit for your character. That’s why this guide is so beneficial!

This guide will only show vehicles that give you $5,000 or more when selling it in *perfect condition* to the Los Santos Customs. Pictures of each vehicle will also be provided below, so you know what to look for and steal when cruising the streets of Los Santos.

– SUV –


Gallivanter Baller – $9000

Version 1

Version 2


Albany Cavalcade (Modern) – $9000


Obey Rocoto – $8500


Albany Cavalcade (Classic) – $7000


Benefactor Dubsta- $7000


Benefactor Serano- $6000


Dundreary Landstalker – $5800


Mammoth Patriot- $5000


Fathom FQ2- $5000

– Sedan –

Benefactor Schafter $6500

– Coupes –


Lampadati Felon GT – $9500


Lampadati Felon – $9000


Ocelot F620 – $8000


Ubermacht Oracle – $8000


Ubermacht Zion Cabrio – $6500


Ubermacht Zion – $6500


Ocelot Jackal – $6000

– Sports –

Benefactor Schwartzer – $8000

Ubermacht Sentinel – $6000

Ubermacht Sentinel XS – $6000

Big thanks to Drax and Ye Olde Apple for their help with the images!!