GTA Online Stimulus Package Delayed and First DLC Pack Detailed!

Gamers that had their hopes of being surprised with a large sum of GTA$ in their bank account this week will be sad to know that Rockstar has pushed back the release of their stimulus package until at least next week. In this time Rockstar hopes to push out an update that will finally bring stability to people’s properties, cars, and bank statements. Because there’s no point in being given $500K just to have it all disappear just as fast.

Fortunately for everyone, the bad news is also paired with some good. Rockstar also announced today that the first DLC for GTA V will be released sometime in November and will be FREE for everyone! The Beach Bum Pack will contain brand new beach-themed weapons and vehicles for use in GTA Online and Story Mode. The Beach Bum Pack will also include new hairstyles and tattoos for players to further customize their characters.