Halo Weekly Update 10/09/13

Welcome to the beginning of a new series of weekly Halo updates right here on RUL! From now on, you can expect to see a weekly summary of all things going on in the Halo world appearing on RUL’s front page. This won’t just be a condensed version of the weekly Waypoint Bulletin, it will involve all news that has been posted in between Bulletins as well.

So sit back, relax and enjoy!

Matchmaking Updates

Monday September 30th’s Halo 4 playlist update saw Team Snipers getting a much-needed facelift with new and updated maps being added to the mix. Pitfall, Vertigo, and community-forged maps “Opticon” & “The Ark” were added to the playlist along with Ragnarok receiving newly optimised respawn points.

This playlist also now features 4 gametypes. The “Team Snipers” gametype has been changed to have no on-map weapons, and is now a single-weapon sniping game mode. Two new variants of this single-weapon experience have been added, called “Covenant Snipers” and “Forerunner Snipers”, where players will be equipped with Beam Rifles and Binary Rifles respectively. The final new offering to be added to Team Snipers is a completely new variant called “Snapshot”. Pretty much, you do what it says on the tin. Players start with a Beam Rifle & UNSC Sniper Rifle, and kills can be gained as normal, but only Snapshots (No-Scopes) count towards the team score.

King of the Hill is this update’s “Featured Playlist” and has had Legendary KotH added to it. This playlist requires the Champions Bundle DLC in order to play.

The Multi Team, Dominion and Champions Bundle DLC playlists have been removed to consolidate the War Games experience a little more. Capture the Flag is now back in the Team Doubles playlist, playable on Graphite, Simplex, and Pitfall. Action Sack’s Mini Slayer has gained a new map in the rotation, called Shortbow. This map is adapted from Longbow (tough to guess, I know), specifically using “B” base as the playspace for those “vertically challenged” Spartans wishing to do battle. Also, The Infinity Slayer playlist has now been renamed to “Team Slayer” due to the variety of gametypes it now contains besides the Infinity variants.

Lastly, Spartan Ops Episode 4 has taken over the matchmaking selection with the Grunt Birthday Party, IWHBYD and Mythic skulls enabled.

According to last week’s Bulletin, the upcoming update (10.14.13) will see Oddball replace KotH, and the Team Objective playlist will have improvements to game type settings and map offerings. More details to come in the next bulletin.

Also highlighted in the Bulletin was a guide on how to create a Race gametype out of Multi-Team Ricochet, and a remake of Halo: Reach’s Countdown map.

Feeling a sense of Déjà vu?
Feeling a sense of Déjà vu?

Added on Monday October 7th was a new selection  of weekly challenges, which can be found here.

Finally, the lovely folks over at 343i have produced a calendar for playlist updates and events in the coming months. To see it for yourselves, click here, but here’s a simplified summary for you:

  • October 14th – Oddball added and Community Playdate
  • October 28th – Community Forge Ricochet added
  • November 11th – Multi-Team added and Community Playdate
  • November 25th – Dominion added
  • December 9th – Race added (yes, you read that right!) and Community Playdate
  • December 23rd – Rocket Race added


And that just about wraps it up for this update! Now go away and thank the Halo Gods for finally bestowing us with a Race game type!