Halo Weekly Update 10/17/13

The last weekly update was released at a weird time, so from now on, an update should be out every Thursday, after that weeks Bulletin has been put up. This way the update is released after all of the weeks news has been posted by 343i, so it becomes a wrap-up of sorts for you.

As a result, this weeks update encompasses 2 Bulletins and all other news released since last time!

Matchmaking Updates

In the most recent matchmaking update for Halo 4, on Monday October 14th, we saw some things removed, some new things added, and some updated playlists.

This update saw King of The Hill removed and replaced with Oddball as the “featured playlist”, with standard Oddball being offered in the first voting slot, and its Legendary variant appearing in the second slot. What will we find in the third slot, you ask? Introducing “Stickyball”!

Stickyball is the explosive new variant that has been added to the Oddball lineup. It plays out in just the same way as you’re used to in Oddball, but all players are equipped with the Sticky Detonator and Plasma Grenades! Depending on feedback, it may soon find its way into the “Action Sack” playlist, so be sure to give it a go, and then leave your thoughts here!

Team 343 in formation during the recent Oddball Community Playdate!
Team 343 in formation during the recent Oddball Community Playdate!

The competitive playlist “Team Throwdown” has received an update, changing it to GH057ayame’s v5 settings. This update has tweaked the maps and gametypes in the playlist and has resulted in this new selection of map-gametype combinations:

  • Team Slayer on Abandon 
  • Team Slayer on Haven 
  • Extraction on Haven 
  • Team Slayer on Onyx 
  • Team Slayer on Pitfall 
  • Ricochet on Pitfall 
  • CTF on Simplex 
  • Ricochet on Simplex 
  • CTF on Skyline 
  • Extraction on Station 9 
  • Team Slayer on Vertigo


The update also removed the DLC requirement for the Team Slayer playlist. 343i will still actively investigate new ways of making DLC maps more readily available in matchmaking, but in the meantime no DLC is required for any of the playlists.

The new weekly challenges can be found here, and all challenges will be featuring much greater XP payouts for every weekend in October, so be sure to hop into matchmaking over the coming weekends if you want to close the gap on that SR130!

Finally, Spartan Ops Episode 5 is now being featured in the online matchmaking selection for this week, all with the Grunt Birthday Party, IWHBYD and Mythic skulls enabled!

Community Choice

As part of their ongoing efforts to include community feedback into how the War Games experience is updated, 343i have started a new “Community Choice” poll that will take place in the days before certain playlists go live. For the first one, the upcoming “Community Forge Ricochet” playlist has an open spot, and there are 3 possible candidates to fill it. Head here to vote for your choice from the following:



“Quickochet is the intersection of Ricochet and Halo: Reach’s “Hot Potato.” Loadouts and overall game settings are identical to Ricochet, but after a certain period of time, the ball will explode at random. Get ready to string together some passes! ”

Shotgun Ricochet

“In Shotgun Ricochet, teams must move together as they inch across the map and eliminate each line of defense. Players are equipped with Shotguns, Plasma Grenades, and Thruster Packs. With lots of in-your-face combat, this game type makes Ricochet up close and personal. ”

Legendary Ricochet

“Legendary Ricochet pits teams against one another with preset starting Loadouts in Halo 4’s Legendary experience (Battle Rifle starting weapon, no Armor Ability, Motion Tracker enabled). ”

Other Featured Topics

  • A recent interview with GH057ayame can be found in last weeks Bulletin.
  • Halo 3 is now free to all Xbox Live Gold subscribers until the end of the month as part of the “Games With Gold” program, head here for info and to download it!
  • This weeks Bulletin contains a round-up of the Oddball community playdate, hosted by 343i, that took place on Monday. It also features a selection of Halo-related stencils for you to use, should you wish to carve a Halo-themed pumpkin this Halloween!


That wraps it up for this week – now that timings have been sorted, you can expect to see an update like this every Thursday! (Unless affected by a late Bulletin etc.)

Until next time… get in that Oddball playlist!