Halo Weekly Update 10/25/13

Another week, another update!

Matchmaking Updates

Capture The Flag is set to receive a facelift this coming Monday, with an old favourite being added to the mix: Neutral Flag CTF! This new addition is much the same as it has been in previous games, with one neutral flag placed in the centre of the map, and two teams scrambling to snatch it and take it back to their base. This game mode is set to feature Pitfall, Monolith, Skyline, Ragnarok and Exile in the map rotation – see Monday’s Bulletin for images of the location of the flag on each map!

legacy defender 3

Abandon and Meltdown will be removed from the CTF playlist entirely on Monday, in response to community feedback on map flow, and the voting options for CTF will be rearranged to prominently feature Neutral Flag for the next two weeks.

Community Forge Ricochet

Also to be added on Monday is the long-awaited “Community Forge Ricochet” playlist, featuring the six winning maps from Certain Affinity’s contest which has been running recently. The winning maps are:

Parallax: “a two base, two level map that features an opening Sniper Rifle rush and goals on elevated platforms which make scoring quite a challenge.”

Butter: featuring “tight quarters, and the goals on this map are much closer to one another compared to other maps. It rewards coordinated teams and punishes those who let their guard down.”

Hekau: “an outdoor map which provides intense back and forth combat. A sniper rifle is your best friend on this map as it has long lines of sight from the middle of the map towards the bases.”

Breezeway: “a unique map with transitions from natural to structure geometry. Thanks to symmetrical design and a mix of tight spaces and open quarters this map provides excellent game play and flow.”

Firestone: which has “three very distinctive streets (or lanes) with an underpass joining the outside two. Each street provides unique angles towards the goal. Because the map is segregated into these zones passing can be the key to scoring.”

Inheritor: which “mixes tight spaces around the middle and bases with a wide open platform where rockets can be found. There are three ways into each base, and the team that is able to outsmart and outmaneuver their opponents will be victorious. ”

Once you’ve given some of these maps a go, why not play your part in improving Halo 4 by leaving some feedback on the new playlist here?


On the subject of Ricochet, anyone remember the “Community Choice” poll system that started recently? Well, the first poll’s results are in, and the winner is…. Shotgun Ricochet!

For those of you who don’t know, Shotgun Ricochet is just the same as regular Ricochet, except all players are equipped with Shotguns, Plasma Grenades, and Thruster Packs. This new variant will be available for all to enjoy in the Community Forge Ricochet playlist, it is unknown whether it will reappear after the playlist is removed.


Finally, in celebration of Haloween (not a typo), “Smashing Punkins” will be a limited-time playlist available only on October 30th & 31st! This is a variant of FFA Oddball, where the one holding the ball will turn “Punkin Orange”, a shade of orange not available as an option in customisation currently, and all other players will turn a shade of green that, in Bravo’s words, is “a shade of green that we estimate to be the exact color of a healthy pumpkin (sorry, punkin) stem”.

Also hinted is that there are some special celebration plans in the pipeline for Halo 4’s birthday in a little under two weeks, these plans will be disclosed in the next Bulletin, so keep your eyes peeled!

The new weekly challenges can be found here.


Avatar Items

Along with the fantastic addition to the Avatar marketplace, Mister Chief, a handful of great new costumes have been added, including Jul ‘Mdama and a new “Attack and Defend” prop featuring an Energy Sword and a Hardlight Shield. Head over to the marketplace to grab a new look!

Lastly for this week, the final part of Sarah Palmer’s origin story comic series “Initiation” is now available, go check it out here!

That’s all for this week, check back next week once you’ve had a bit of fun smashing them Punkins!