Halo Weekly Update 10/31/13

It’s that time of the week again, but spookier than most weeks – today is HALOween! (And a special somebody’s birthday)

If you’d prefer to read all the information in its full entirety, check out this week’s Booletin!

Matchmaking Updates

To fit in with the Halloween spirit, the matchmaking update for this week has a special addition for 48 hours, Smashing Punkins!

We first heard about this new variant of Oddball last week, in all its colourful glory. For those who didn’t hear, Smashing Punkins is a variant of FFA Oddball which equips everyone with Gravity Hammers, and colours everyone a special shade of green not available in Spartan customisation. The ball carrier turns “Punkin Orange”, also a colour not available in customisation, with his only goal to avoid being smashed! This game variant was introduced earlier today, and is available for 48 hours, so go enjoy that while you can!

Added in Monday 28th’s update was Neutral Flag (1 flag) CTF, which has been mixed into the current CTF playlist, available on Pitfall, Monolith, Skyline, Ragnarok and Exile. Abandon and Meltdown have been removed from this playlist due to community feedback, and voting options have been rearranged to prominently feature Neutral Flag.

In addition to this, Community Forge Ricochet (the product of Certain Affinity’s contest) is now available to hop into, with 6 maps on offer for you to try out! These are Parallax, Butter, Hekau, Breezeway, Firestone and Inheritor. Also available to try out in this playlist is the winner of the first “Community Choice” poll – Shotgun Ricochet! This gametype equips players with Shotguns, Plasma Grenades, and Thruster Packs, and proceed with all the same Ricochet rules as before.

The weekly updates for this week can be found here.

November 6th 2013

In other news, fast approaching is Halo 4’s first birthday, on November 6th! In celebration of this day, 343i are awarding this fine Guilty Spark emblem (pictured) to anyone who completes a game in War Games or Spartan Ops on November 6th 2013. There is also a 24-hour exclusive playlist planned for the day, with more details appearing on Waypoint soon!


Team Slayer CSR Program

After the Halo 4 Global Championship came to a close, Andy “Bravo” Dudynsky set to work on a CSR program aimed at showcasing and highlighting top-ranked players in the Team Slayer playlist. This program is planned to release withing the next month or so, and we now have some details on it:

  • Team Slayer will be moved to a team-based CSR rather than individual when the program launches
  • Top players will be able to regularly see where they stand against other players on Halo Waypoint
  • Team Slayer will see a CSR reset when the program launches in order to have all players start on a level playing field, and also to accommodate the update to the CSR format
  • Moving forward, the Team Slayer playlist will see predictable CSR resets as we start new periods


More info will appear on Waypoint over the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled if this program has grabbed your interest!

Community Choice

The next Community Choice poll is up, this time there are 3 game variants battling it out for a spot in the Multi-Team playlist!


The options this time around are:

Multi-Regicide takes the strategy of Team Regicide and pits all teams against each another in attack / defend mode. Will you guard your King, or go on the offensive and rush to take out enemy Kings? The choice is yours and if it’s one you’d like to make, vote for Multi-Regicide.

Team King Snipers 
Team King Snipers allows players to prove just how brave they are. With UNSC Sniper Rifles in the hands of all players, you’ll need to work with your team to lock down important lanes during each hill. Otherwise, the player who’s crouching in a corner picking off players who enter the hill each time will keep killing you. Over, and over, and over.

Rock N’ Rail 
Rock N’ Rail is currently available in the Action Sack playlist, and equips players with Rocket Launchers, Railguns, and Jetpacks. In a Multi-Team setting, you’ll have multiple teams flying around with highly explosive projectiles. Now that’s what we call a party!

Voting will be open for the next few days, so head here to vote!

Halo: Spartan Assault

halo spartan assault logo2_660

Announced just this week, Halo: Spartan Assault will be making its way to Xbox 360 and Xbox One this December! It will feature all content currently available in the Windows 8 version, along with a new co-op mode featuring the Flood, and an expanded arsenal!

And with that, the Weekly Update can now be drawn to a close. Be sure to keep an eye on the RUL front page and Halo Waypoint for details of what’s happening next Wednesday! In the meantime, go smash some Punkins!