Killer Instinct: Orchid gameplay + Spinal teaser

Screenshot 2013-11-01 07.57.51

IGN and Double Helix Studios set up a 2-hour Killer Instinct stream, showcasing the fan favourite Orchid, and a bunch of new features coming to the game this November. Orchid is a rushdown character that uses a mixture of classic and new special moves, resulting in really intense in-your-face combat.

Source: IGN

Orchid’s move-set is more offense than defense, having her classic Flik Flak (cartwheel) and a new slide special attack to get up close to opponents, as well as specials that can counter air attacks. Her firecat makes a return to the game! activated through a shadow slide or AA special, or through instinct mode, where it becomes more of a projectile, as well as her taunt. One of her shadow moves has the firecat leaping up, appropriately having the name ‘uppercat’

She looks to be a balanced character, having a lot of variety in her moveset, from highs, lows and anti-airs. Double Helix also showed the different match-ups, putting her up against the other KI fighters. Along with Orchid, they looked at Dojo and Training modes, which offer a great introduction and deeper explanation of the game’s mechanics. New settings like frames, hit-boxes and recordings, are included, which is really useful for competitive play. But in comparison, offers a really simple tutorial to the game, which was aimed at beginner fighers.

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Another thing to mention is Orchid’s stage and music, which shows a lot of her character and story. Looking to be more of a spy/soldier, she hides out in her outpost in a torn-down skyscraper. Her music on the other hand, makes the stage more of a night club, having the same techno/rave vibe like her original KI music. Added to the game are accessories, being able to change the look of your character, adding armor, masks, eyewear and other tidbits that make your character unique during online play.

Spinal was announced to be the 7th character for the game, having a more gritty look than previous versions. It’s clear that spinal is…or was a pirate, and wields a sword, and an interesting-looking shield made of bones.

There is only one more character remaining for Killer Instinct roster, and a lot of signs point to Fulgore, the poster-boy for the series. Killer Instinct is a free downloadable title available at the launch of the Xbox One. A full version of the game can also be purchased, giving you access to the whole roster and other future DLC characters.