Pokemon X and Y: Things you should know

Source: Arkeis

We’re just a few sleeps away from the Global release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, and the hype for the game is bigger and better than ever. With a great number of features and changes added to X and Y, I’ll be going through the key features that are important to starting your own journey through the Kalos Region.



Starters and Customisability

Set in Kalos (Based off France), X and Y features new Pokemon, characters and gameplay. Like any other Pokemon game from the main series, players start with a male or female character, and can choose one of three starting Pokemon.

Introducing, Chespin the Grass-type hedgehog, Fennekin the Fire-type Fennec Fox, and Froakie the Water-type frog. The Kanto starters Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, will also be available near the beginning of the game.

In X and Y, players have the option of customizing their characters with multiple options for hair color and skin tones, as well as the option of changing the clothing and accessories the player character wears at later stages of the game


3D Gameplay

One of the biggest improvements for X and Y is the graphics, instead of using character sprites like in past games, X and Y features a completely three dimensional gameplay style, from the characters, Pokemon and environments. During battles, player can see full 3D models of their Pokemon, and will include A LOT more graphical improvements in attacks.



As opposed to the four-way grid in previous games, X and Y allows diagonal movement with walking and running, and free movement when using rollerskates, also letting you grind  and jump over obstacles. Also, instead of walking with Pokemon, why not ride them? Depending on location, there are certain Pokemon that can be ridden, and allows more interaction with the environment, from jumping, to smashing obstacles in the way.



With a new Pokemon-type, we will definitely see some old favourites gain this new typing, like Gardevoir, Marill and Jigglepuff. Fairy Attacks are super effective against Dragon, Fighting and Dark type Pokemon and are weak to Poison and Steel types. There are a huge number of Pokemon that could possibly have this new type, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


One of the biggest features of the game is Mega-Evolutions and Mega stones, allowing you to temporarily evolve your Pokemon even further, gaining new abilities, stats and most importantly, physical features. So far we have seen a handful of Pokemon, including Venusaur, Blastoise and Charizard.


Pokemon X and Y will each have their own share of version exclusive Pokemon and Mega-evolutions. Pokemon X gets legendary Xerneas, Swirlix, Clauncher, Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Charizard X, Whilst Y gets legendary Yveltal, Spritzee, Skrelp, Mega Mewtwo Y and Mega Charizard Y.

To mark the release of X and Y, Nintendo will be holding a Torchic event until January 15 2014. Distributed via Wi-Fi, Torchic will be given away holding the Mega stone that will allow it to evolve into Mega Blaziken. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y releases worldwide on the 12th of October, exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS.

Which version will you be getting? Most importantly, which of the 3 Kalos starters are you set on?