Halo Weekly Update 11/14/13

It’s that time of week again, the Bulletin is out, and we’re back for another Halo Weekly Update!

Matchmaking Updates

In Monday 11th’s update, Multi-Team returned as the featured playlist in War Games. Settings and game types have been updated to mix things up a little from when you last played Multi-Team. Firstly, the settings have now changed to have 4 teams of 3 rather than the 6 teams of 2 that there was originally, allowing for more team play. Additionally, the winner from last week’s “Community Choice” poll, Multi-Regicide, has been added to the game type selection for this playlist. It works exactly as Team Regicide does, simply having 4 teams rather than 2, providing a faster pace of gameplay.

The Weekly Challenges for this week can be found here.

Anyone who played a round of War Games or Spartan Ops on Halo 4’s birthday, November 6th, should now have the “Guilty Spark” emblem unlocked as well!


Title Update

After numerous people reported issues, primarily loadouts being reset, 343i released a title update on Monday that addresses the following:

  • Fixed an issue where player Loadouts would reset back to default
  • Fixed an issue where players in Forge were unable to see other players while in Monitor mode 
  • Fixed an issue where the Mark V, Prefect, and Ricochet forearm armor would display incorrectly 
  • Fixed an issue where Champions Bundle armor sometimes disappeared in networked War Games matches
  • Fixed an issue where Champions Bundle armor appeared incorrectly in Theater film clips


Community Choice: Dominion


On November 25th’s update, Dominion will be returning as the Featured Playlist in War Games. As is now the custom, there are currently 3 game types fighting for a spot in the playlist. This week’s Community Choice poll features the following:

Legendary Dominion 
“Legendary Dominion uses Halo 4’s preset Legendary Loadouts (Battle Rifle, Assault Rifle and Frag Grenades) and features an enabled motion tracker. ”

Shotty Sniper Dominion 
“Shotty Sniper Dominion equips players with everyone’s favorite long and short range combination – the UNSC Sniper Rifle and Shotgun. Players start with these weapons, and can choose between different armor abilities in the Loadout options. ”

Dominion Pro 
“Dominion Pro’s gameplay is similar to that of Legendary Dominion, but the settings differ significantly. The game type uses Halo 4’s Pro Loadouts, which include all four rifles (the Battle Rifle, DMR, Carbine, and Light Rifle) as options, and all armor abilities disabled. Additionally, the motion tracker is disabled, making teamwork that much more important, and camping that much more tempting.”

Head here to vote for the game type you would like to see win!

Team Slayer CSR Update

343i have now announced the full details of the upcoming update that will change how CSR works in the Team Slayer playlist. This update is scheduled for release on November 25th, and will include these changes:

•    Team Slayer CSR will be reset on 11/25/13
•   Team Slayer will be moving to a team-based CSR
•   CSR will be tracked and updated weekly on Waypoint

The week after the release of this update will see an article posted on Waypoint that will showcase the top 200 players (by CSR) in the playlist, this article will be updated weekly. Of course, there are more than 200 people that are CSR 50 in this playlist, so the program will rank these players 1-200 based on the factors that influence CSR, such as who you win/lose against.

Halo: Spartan Assault [Xbox] Achievements

The Xbox 360 & Xbox One versions of Halo: Spartan Assault come with a new co-op mode not featured in the Windows 8 version, and that means more achievements! The Xbox One versions of all achievements included have double the amount of Gamerscore that Xbox 360 achievements have.

Co-op Achievements


Xbox One Exclusive Achievements


Original Achievements



That ends today’s update! If you get a chance to hop into Multi-Team, let us know what you think of the new 3-player-team settings and the new game type!