Halo Weekly Update 11/28/13

Happy Thanksgiving to any Americans reading! 343 Industries are also celebrating the occasion with some new changes in matchmaking, read on for more info!

Matchmaking Updates

Monday’s update saw some updates to playlists, and some new additions to the War Games experience.

Grifball saw a new lick of paint in the update, where it gained 4 new maps and an updated Sarge’s Lab. Additionally, the “Grif” now has it’s own exclusive shade of orange, one not available in customisation. Finally, 2 new game types have been added. Grifball Dash is a returning game mode from Halo: Reach that features Thruster Packs for all players and much larger courts to allow for the increased player speed. The second mode to be added is the official Grifball game type used by GrifballHub, ALGA Grifball.


Monday’s update also brought back Dominion, as the featured playlist for two weeks. The playlist features the original game mode, Dominion, the recently added Lockdown, and the winner of the most recent Community Choice poll, Legendary Dominion. This modeĀ uses the pre-made Legendary loadouts (Battle Rifle, Assault Rifle and Frag Grenades) and has motion trackers enabled.

The winners of Certain Affinity’s Ricochet Forge contest, “Inheritor”, “Butter” and “Hekau”, have been added to the Ricochet playlist. Since their time in the Community Forge Ricochet playlist, all 3 maps have received tweaks and improvements based on community feedback.

Finally, the CSR update for Team Slayer was also implemented in the update. The full details and explanation of the system can be found in last week’s Bulletin. Keep an eye on Halo Waypoint, as there will be weekly articles posted, showcasing the top players in Team Slayer by CSR.

This week’s Weekly Challenges can be found here.

Thanksgiving – Turkey Bowl

To celebrate Thanksgiving, the team at 343i have created their very own Turkey Bowl, a “touchdowns-only” Ricochet variant featuring special edition team colours (green and gold vs. powder blue and white) and a new custom-made football field themed map, designed by GrifballHub’s NOKYARD.


Turkey Bowl features specially designed loadouts to provide a wide variety of options during matches:

Frag Grenades
Tactical Package: Grenadier
Support Upgrade: Explosives

Assault Rifle
Frag Grenades
Tactical Package: Resupply
Support Upgrade: Ammo

Wide Receiver:
Thruster Pack
Frag Grenade
Tactical Package: Shielding
Support Upgrade: Dexterity

Storm Rifle
Plasma Pistol
Regeneration Field
Plasma Grenades
Tactical Package: Mobility
Support Upgrade: Dexterity

Running Back:
Plasma Pistol
Hardlight Shield
Plasma Grenades
Tactical Package: AA Efficiency
Support Upgrade: Stability

Community Choice


At long last, Race is set to be added to Halo 4’s matchmaking experience in the next update. However, there is a space for one more track in the playlist and so this week’s Community Choice poll is to decide which map the track is to be built around. The options are Complex, Meltdown and Longbow, head here to vote!

Black Friday

Tomorrow is Black Friday, which means that stores everywhere will be having huge sales and discounts – that is also true for Halo-related stores on the web! Check out this article for information on all the sales set to happen in the coming days!

That’s all for this week. Once again, have a great Thanksgiving and be sure to give the new changes in Halo 4 a try – perhaps let us know what you think of Halo’s very own Turkey Bowl!