2013 RULmas Aftermath Bundle

My fine friends and family, I come bringing gifts to all the good little RULers here on the site.

This year I’ve brought not one, not two, but three gifts for all to enjoy. Now remember that these are meant to be shared with everybody. Nobody on the site should feel left out, so be sure to spread the gifts around so everybody gets a turn. The gifts I’ve prepared come in several different shapes and sizes. Allow for me to introduce each gift to you fine RULmas users.

The Match Heard Around The Forums

The match against the forum’s very own Shark and Swain. Each compete for the forums grand title of being…well…better than the other I suppose. This was a request by Soterios that was handcrafted just for the likes of the users here at RUL. So enjoy!

Aftermath Season 1.5: Ametuer Hour (1/3)

It’s finally here. While it may not be the sequel you expected, it’s here none-the-less. Season 1.5 of ReadyUpLive’s machinima series, Aftermath finally surfaces from the pits of production. In this mini series, VelocityScribbles, and Tyzer all make their debut as they attempt to make it to their inauguration. Unfortunately for them, getting to their destination on time is the least of their worries.

RUL Night Aftermath: HoliDAY 2013 Trailer


Lastly, making its unexpected appearance much sooner than expected, ReadyUpLive’s trailer for the 2013 HoliDAY play-date has arrived. Showcasing some of the most anticipated moments of the night, the trailer provides the first looks of what’s going to be the last highlight video of the year.

Merry Christmas, from all your fellow content creators!