Halo Weekly Update 12/06/13

Well guys, the time has finally come. At last, Race is coming to matchmaking, it’s so very close but you still have a couple days to wait! Hopefully the details of this upcoming playlist and more can keep your excitement fed for now, read on for it!

Matchmaking Updates

The next matchmaking update for Halo 4 takes place on the 343rd day of the year, December 9th! To celebrate “343 Day”, the team at 343 have several things planned.


Live Stream

From 1pm – 4pm PST on Monday December 9th, there will be a livestream on the official 343i Twitch Channel, featuring interviews & discussions with Kiki Wolfkill, Kevin Grace, Brian Reed, as well as plenty of Halo gameplay! Be sure to tune in as there will be discussion on Spartan Assault coming to console, Xbox One and there will even be some giveaways!

Resistor Unlock

The last Tactical Package from the Champions Bundle, Resistor, is finally going to be available to all those without the CB from Monday onwards! Resistor allows players to retain full mobility when taking fire for a few moments, so can be invaluable to those who like to zip around the map quickly.

Commando Helmet Unlock


If you’re one of those who haven’t yet unlocked the Commando helmet from the Dominion Victory commendation, then you’re in luck. Play a single round of War Games or Spartan Ops matchmaking to be added to the list of players who will receive this helmet a few days later. The rest of the Commando armour set can only be unlocked through Dominion-related commendations, there’s still a bit of time left to grind the playlist before it’s switched out! Speaking of which…



Monday’s update brings the long-awaited Race playlist to the War Games experience! This is something the entire community has been asking for since the release of Halo 4, so it’s fantastic to see it’s actually going to be with us soon. The final details will be available on HaloWaypoint on Monday, but it has been confirmed that Longbow won the Community Choice poll and now has a track built on it and ready to go for the update!

343 Day Slayer


343 Day Slayer will be available on Monday and Monday only, and contains a gametype called Speed Slayer, a fun, fast-paced gametype that will incorporate Resistor into each loadout! Speed Slayer features the following settings:

•    6 vs. 6 Team Slayer
•    Score to win: 800
•    130% player speed
•    Preset Loadouts, each equipped with Resistor and Mobility
•    Initial Ordnance enabled, Random and Personal Ordnance disabled


•    Longbow
•    Complex
•    Daybreak
•    Exile
•    Outcast
•    Meltdown
•    Harvest
•    Wreckage
•    Vortex
•    Vertigo
•    Perdition
•    Ragnarok
•    Shatter

The weekly challenged for this week can be found here.

The Top 200 post for this week can be found here. Top 200 is a weekly post that ranks players in the Team Slayer playlist by CSR, can we get any RUL members on the list?

Halo: Escalation

Back in July it was announced that 343i were teaming up with Dark Horse Comics to create Halo: Escalation, a follow up to the comic series Halo: Initiation. The first issue will be released this coming Wednesday, December 11th. Escalation will be available in physical form, but also digitally through the Dark Horse mobile app. Here’s a preview of the first issue:


That wraps it up for this week, be sure to give Race a go, as well as the 343 Day Slayer and let us know your thoughts of them in the comments below!