Halo Weekly Update 12/14/13

Happy belated 343 day! Hopefully you all had a blast trying out 343 Slayer, unlocking the Commando helmet, or watching the livestream which some of the RUL staff may have appeared on! Anyways… Here’s the lowdown on what arrived in Monday’s update, and what’s set to happen in the coming weeks!

Matchmaking Updates



The main addition in this Monday’s update was the premiere of the official Race gametype in Halo 4! This is something the community has been asking for since the game launched so make the most of it while it’s around! The new mode features 8 racers, no Join-In-Progress and is available on the following maps:

• Vortex
• Ragnarok
• Longbow
• Outcast
• Daybreak

The weekly challenges for this week can be found here, and the Top 200 post is available here.

Upcoming Matchmaking Updates Calendar

343i have whipped up another one of their snazzy War Games update calendars for us to provide an overview of the featured playlists coming to Halo 4 from now until April!

1.6 – Big Team SWAT
No shields, but lots of players and headshots. Lots of those. 8 vs. 8.

1.20 – Team DLC
Team game types on DLC maps. 4 vs. 4.

2.3 – Heavies
Big guns, big vehicles, big fun. 6 vs. 6.

2.17 – Big Rumble
Free-For-All with 12 players.

3.3 – Medal Madness
Earn medals to help your team win the match. Team sizes TBA.

3.17 – Extraction
Extract supply sites to win. 5 vs. 5.

3.31 – Squad DLC
Team game types on DLC maps. 6 vs. 6.

4.14 – Ninja Assassins
Details TBA.

Halo: Escalation

Just this week, the first issue of the new comic series “Halo: Escalation” was released, featuring familiar characters and other elements from the Halo story universe, including Palmer and the Infinity! If you want to take a closer look into the new Dark Horse series, check out this feature on the design process of the comic!

That’s pretty much it for this week, there won’t be a Bulletin out over the Christmas period, so next week will be the last one until New Year – now go have some fun in the Race mode!