New Destiny Info!

A large wodge of Destiny information was revealed yesterday, as reported by CVG, follow the link for the full list or have a read below where I’ve summarised the most important pieces of news for you!


  • The characters will level up using a branching upgrade tree.
  • Players can customise their character’s gear, appearance and vehicles.
  • The Traveler appeared generations ago and bestowed technology and mystical powers on humans in order to prepare them for expansion into the Solar System.
  • Humanity is guarding the last safe city on Earth against the enemy of the Traveler.
  • Players will be able to explore planets, asteroids and moons, among other areas.
  • There are plans to keep adding new locations, storylines and other content to keep players returning to the game.



  • Players will have a “flexible suite of character creation tools and upgrades” to build their characters.
  • There will be multiple “slots” so players can create and store new characters, to play in different roles.
  • Different classes will all be able to solve different situations differently.
  • Classes define the style of abilities, but a character’s “Focus” defines the exact abilities a character will have – they are something of a “subclass” that will be the main way to level up and improve.
  • Focus can be mix-and-matched at will, much like a weapon – no need to start a character from scratch, just choose a new Focus profile.
  • Each class has a unique piece of gear, for example, Warlocks have robes.
  • Titans have heavy armour and so are suited to charging in and taking damage, their Focus is designed to make them deadly at close-quarters.
  • Hunters are bounty hunters typically designed to stalk enemies and use pistols.
  • Players can be accompanied by a floating companion that can be used as a flashlight.
  • Players will have a personal vehicle that can be modified and used to move between open-world locations. This cannot be used in combat.
  • Players will similarly have a personal spaceship that can also be customised, this is for travel between planets.



  • The Fallen: Space pirates descended from a once honorable species from different noble houses. Now nomadic and aggressive.
  • The Cabal: Industrial, militaristic, and warmongering expansionists.
  • Legionnaires: Front line grunts.
  • Centurions: Mobile and have jet packs.
  • Gladiators: Huge and strong with gatling guns
  • Psions: Smaller Cabals that use their mind to attack and pilot giant cabal ships.
  • The Hive: An ancient race that kept themselves alive in sarcophagus like ships. They typically burrow into a planet regardless of the damage it may cause and burrow tunnels and dungeon like caverns. Burst into dust and embers when you kill them.
  • Thralls: Do not possess weapons or armor
  • Troopers: Most common enemy in combat.
  • Knights: Wield enormous cleavers.
  • Wizards: Fly overhead and cast spells.
  • Ogres: Mutant beasts, shoot energy from their head.
  • The Vex: Possibly from another time and space.
  • Goblins: PLayers will be easily overwhelmed by these.
  • Hobgoblins: Larger with have tails.
  • Minotaurs: Larger still.
  • Hydras: Three headed segmented machines that float in air and attack using turrets attached to each segment
  • Harpies: Small, these fly rapidly.



  • Click Left Stick to sprint.
  • Right Bumper to melee, actual attack varies with Focus.
  • Left Trigger is ironsight.
  • Pressing Y/Triangle will change from Primary to Secondary Weapon, holding it will equip Heavy Weapon.
  • Left Bumper throws grenades.
  • Pressing A/X once will jump, double-pressing it will activate the special Focus movement.
  • Holding down both bumpers will activate a “super” ability that can be damaging or supportive (such as healing).



  • Players will begin PVP with no heavy ammunition.
  • Each class has special movement abilities, some of which will be useful in accounting for PVP’s large amount of verticality i.e. ledges, windows.
  • The constantly shifting environmental system will affect gameplay in ways such as changing visibility.
  • Gear also has progression trees that gains exp. points during gameplay.



  • The Tower: “Home Base” during the game. There are vendors, locations to turn in quest items, plazas to interact with other players, and also class focused areas for hunters, warlocks, and titans.
  • Old Russia: One of the first places players will visit for missions. It’s the ruins of the cosmodrome (modeled after Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan).
  • Moon: Former human colony of interconnected bases. Since it’s fall, the Hive have infested building underground tunnels and the Hellmouth. The Moon’s surface is now fractured.
  • Venus: Used to be a scientific research facility during the Golden Age. Now the Venusian ocean is rising on the decaying buildings.
  • Mars: Used to be a heavily populated metropolis, but now is buried in the red sands of Mars.


That’s the majority of the important information summed up there for you, be sure to check out the full info list in the linked article!

What is your favourite new piece of Destiny news? Let us know in the comments!