Tell us about your first online gaming experience and WIN Xbox Live Gold!

We have a 12-Month Xbox Live Gold code to give away! To enter all you have to do is tell us about your first online gaming experience ever. What game was it? Did you win or get destroyed?

Post in this thread with your story. I will randomly pick a winner and notify them via PM here on RUL.

Contest ends Wednesday, Dec 14 at 11:59pm Pacific.

Online gaming has been around for a while. I still remember my first online match. The original Quake. I woke up with my dad at 6:00am to play a game online against real people around the world. There was only one other player online. We duked it out for a while. He got me a few times with a rocket launcher. Soon another player joined. Then another. The game sparked to life with players from every continent. It was an amazing experience.

Looking forward to reading your entries!