Halo Weekly Update 1/16/14

Good day to all, as we begin the next Halo Weekly Update! This week brings several new additions to various playlists in Halo 4 as well as some new additions to the story! More on that below.

Matchmaking Updates

Monday 20th’s update will be bringing back your favourite DLC maps in the new featured playlist for 2 weeks, Team DLC.

This new playlist will feature Slayer, King of the Hill, Extraction, SWAT, Snipers, Ricochet, Regicide, and Oddball variants on the following maps:

  • Skyline
  • Monolith
  • Landfall
  • Daybreak
  • Harvest
  • Vertigo
  • Pitfall



There will also be some new gametypes added to the Action Sack playlist! This update will introduce the famous one-shot-kill Plasma Pistol gametype “Paintball”, with a custom-built map from petetheduck, as well as “Husky Raid”, where players will spawn with random weapons and fight down a single lane to claim the other team’s flag. The final addition to Action Sack will be “Clang of the Hill”, a King of the Hill variant featuring Energy Swords and Thruster Packs.

The final new offering in matchmaking next week will be the result of last week’s Community Choice poll, King of the Hill Doubles!


This new gametype will be available on the following maps:

  • Haven
  • Abandon
  • Simplex
  • The Ark
  • Fallout
  • Pitfall
  • Skyline


You can check out the Halo 4 Weekly Challenges here and the Top 200 post for this week, here. Remember, one of RUL’s challenges for this week is to get a Killing Frenzy, head here for more on that!

Mortal Dictata


The third and last novel in the Kilo-Five trilogy from Karen Traviss, Halo: Mortal Dictata, will be releasing next Tuesday, January 21st.

In Halo: Mortal Dictata, the Covenant War is over but hatred, guilt, and devotion endure beyond the grave. The Office of Naval Intelligence faces old grievances rising again to threaten Earth. The angry, bitter colonies, still with scores to settle from the insurrection put on hold for thirty years, now want justice — and so does a man whose life was torn apart by ONI when his daughter was abducted for the SPARTAN-II program. Black ops squad Kilo-Five find their loyalties tested beyond breaking point when the father of their Spartan comrade, still searching for the truth about her disappearance, prepares to glass Earth’s cities to get an answer. How far will Kilo-Five go to stop him? And will he be able to live with the truth when he finds it? The painful answer lies with a man long dead, and a conscience that still survives in the most unlikely, undiscovered place. “

You can find some excerpts from the book and more info here!

Mega Bloks

There’s a new set on the way, a new addition to the ONI REAP-X line, the UNSC Quad Walker! The Quad Walker is “a highly advanced prototype walker based loosely on a number of Covenant models, including the Locust. Deployed from space much like a drop pod, the Walker’s primary weapons are two plasma cannons, similar to the Covenant’s Shade turret. ”

The set will include a copper coloured Covenant anti-vehicle Shade turret, a Recon Spartan and a gold Storm Elite.

That’s all for this week. Be sure to check out this week’s Bulletin for an interview and the screenshot spotlight, and make sure to check out the new War Games additions on Monday, let us know what you think of them!

Until next week!