Killer Instinct’s Spinal revealed and available Jan 31st, Fulgore teased

It’s been a long wait,  but Spinal has finally been revealed. With a first look on IGN, Spinal’s reveal trailer showcases his insane move-set and style, heavily relying on skulls, which he gains by absorbing hits with his shield. Some of his classic moves return including his Teleport (Skeleport), Skull fireballs and his Shield absorb. Spinal comes with colours, accessories and 14 Achievements worth 150G.

Fulgore was also teased in the reveal trailer, looking more menacing and robotic, compared to previous games. He is set to be released in March, along with a Story and Arcade Mode. You can get both Spinal and Fulgore if  you purchased the $20 Combo Breaker or $40 Ultra Editions, but those who purchased the latter, will have access to more content including skins and accessories. Separately, each character will cost $5.

Spinal will be available January 31st for pack owners, Stand alone purchase will not be available until later.

Dat Laserblast Tho
Here is a list of Spinal’s Achievements:

Spinal Novice (20)- Reach 30 Fight Titles with Spinal

Battle-worn Spinal (10)- Win 20 ranked matches with Spinal

Stylish Spinal (10)- Purchase a skin for Spinal

Supreme Spinal (10)- Earn a supreme Victory in an online match as Spinal

Spinal’s Endurance (10)- Defeat 10 opponents in one Survival as Spinal

Spinal’s Matchups (15)- Defeat 6 different characters in online matches as Spinal

Spinal Chosen One (10)- Complete 200 matches as Spinal

Sparring Spinal (5)- Win a versus match as Spinal

Friendly Spinal (10)- Win an exhibition match vs a friend as Spinal

Survival Spinal (5)- Win a survival match as Spinal

Spinal Master (10)- Reach 150 Fight Titles with Spinal

Spinal Apprentice (20)- Reach 80 Fight Titles with Spinal

Competitive Spinal (5)- Win a Ranked Match as Spinal

Spinal’s Searing Skull (10)- Curse an opponent with Spinal’s Searing Skill while in Instinct Mode