RUL Awards 2013 – The Results

2013 may be behind us now, but before we look ahead to what 2014 will bring, let us take a look back at what the world of gaming has seen over the last 365 days. We’re rounding off the year with a little bit of competition, in the very first RUL Awards!

Over the last few days, several of you have voted for your favourite games, DLC and more from the last year in an attempt to see them claim the top spot in their respective category. The votes are in, they have been counted, and the winners have been chosen. Here are the results!

Game of the Year: 2013

2013 saw a new chapter in the life of Sam Fisher, a new adventure with the Assassins in the West Indies, a visit to the city of Los Santos, and of course the dawn of a new generation in gaming.

2013’s winner saw 2 release date delays for further tweaking, and they seem to have paid off with the game receiving an immense number of awards and accolades!

RUL’s Game of the Year 2013 is…

Bioshock Infinite


Best Downloadable Content of 2013

The year was packed full of immersive, obscure and entertaining DLC, but it seems there were in fact two that stood out from the crowd, resulting in a tie!

The joint Best DLC releases of 2013 are…

Halo 4: Champions Bundle” and Borderlands 2: “Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep”



Best Community Support & Engagement of 2013

This award aims to highlight the game developers and publishers that go the extra mile to support and engage with their communities. Examples can be seen in teams reaching out to outstanding community members, responding to issues and questions through social media, and of course providing technical support and updates on bug fixes for their creations.

Fulfilling all of the criteria was a winner that clearly earned their place, beating all others by over ten votes – the team that provided the best community support and engagement of 2013 was…

343 Industries


Best Trailer of 2013

Trailers play a key role in getting people hyped for a new release, good trailers hold the interest of the viewer, inform or tease the viewer about the release, and leave them wanting more at the end – to do all of this is a big achievement in itself, and so it is important to recognise when a trailer really hits the mark.

Taking on the form of a teaser trailer, leaving many questions unanswered but still a spectacle to watch in it’s own right, the best trailer of 2013 was…

Halo: Xbox One

Most Anticipated Game of 2014

Continuing the theme of building up the excitement for a game is our final category for this year, the most anticipated game of 2014. This award celebrates the achievements of the teams who worked so hard in 2013 to make their upcoming release the game that everyone is so very eager to play.

A clear winner, the Most Anticipated Game of 2014 is…



And there you have it, folks! This brings the RUL Awards to a close for the year. A big thank you to all who voted, hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading the results!

From all the team at Ready Up Live, we wish you all the best for a prosperous, fun and safe 2014!