RUL Challenges – 1/20/14

A new week, a new set of challenges for the RUL community!

From now on, the challenges will be open for two weeks at a time, starting from the moment the post is released, and entries closing as soon as the next post is released in 2 weeks’ time.

For more information on how the challenges work, head to the post for Week 1.

Firstly, here are the results for last week’s challenges, which were:


Posting in Threes

Make 3 posts in 3 different forum sections. [3 in each section, 9 total. New threads count.]



Achieve a “Killing Frenzy” in online matchmaking in Halo 3, Reach or 4.


Complete 7 achievements.

There are still a lot of people completing all of the challenges, so good work to them! To those who are not, there is all to compete for – keep doing what you can!

The leaderboards have been adjusted to reflect last week’s results and so now looks like this:

Rank Name Challenges Completed
#1 Liz_Fenix 6
#1 Splice 6
#1 Velociraptor 6
#1 Ye Olde Apple 6
#2 iForge 5
#2 Velocity 5
#3 Tyzer 4
#4 BlacKnight 3
#5 Discovra 2
#5 Soterios 2
#5 Foundation Afro 2
#6 Fondarelli 1

Without further ado, here are the challenges for you to take on over the next two weeks!



Post, Post, Post!

CHANGED DUE TO SITE BEING DOWN: Make 14 posts over the course of the two weeks.

[Recommended Evidence: Screenshot activity on profile]


Choices, Choices…

Play at least 10 different games.

[Recommended Evidence: Screenshot Xbox Live account activity/history on or Smartglass]

The Contender

Win, or be on the winning team of 15 matches in Halo 3, Reach or 4’s online matchmaking.

[Recommended Evidence: Screenshot of game history in Halo stats]


Hopefully, these should be a bit more time-consuming for you and a tad more challenging! If you have any questions, or need help providing evidence etc, please don’t hesitate to PM me.

Enjoy the challenges!