RUL Weekly Challenges – 1/6/14

A new year always brings on new opportunities, new experiences, and more importantly, new challenges.

To ensure that everyone gets their fair share of challenges, we’re going to set a selection of our own every Monday, for the whole of RUL to test their mettle with!

Currently, you will be taking on these challenges for bragging rights, but should this prove popular… and you may see some form of prize being awarded for completion of challenges.

Every week, you will find a new post on the front page, complete with new challenges for the week and an updated ranking table, in the form of the example given below:

Rank Name Challenges Completed
#1 Kelly 7
#2 Fred 5
#3 John 4
#4 Linda 3
#5 Kurt 1

Once you have completed a challenge, post in the forum thread associated with the week’s challenges, which can be found by clicking “Join the Discussion on Our Forums!” at the bottom of the post.

Evidence may need to be supplied in some cases, as some challenges will be hard to track. If evidence is required for a challenge then it will be indicated in the post, paired with a recommended form to give it in. If you provide the evidence in image form, then please add that in your reply to the thread.

If you complete more challenges after your post then feel free to reply again, it will still be counted. The week’s challenges are all open for completion until the the next week’s challenges post has been published, unless indicated otherwise.

For this first week, the challenges will be relatively simple, but you can expect some significantly tougher ones in the weeks to come! Now, without further ado, here are your challenges for this week!



Avid Poster

Make ten forum posts/replies.

[Recommended Evidence: Screencap post count before any posts made this week & screencap after challenge completed]


Sampler Platter

Complete a match on 5 different maps in Halo 4 online matchmaking.

[Recommended Evidence: A link to your Halo 4 Stats or state the gamertag used for the matches]

Going for Gamerscore

Complete 120G worth of Achievements.

[Recommended Evidence: Image of Gamerscore count before any achievements gained & image after 120G gained]


As this is a new addition to the goings-on of RUL, the system is not yet perfect and thus will be subject to change – for example the amount of challenges per week, or even the types of challenge. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reply to the post with them. If you encounter any issues, such as submitting evidence, you can always PM myself or another staff member and we will work to resolve it.

Have fun and enjoy the challenges!