GTA Online: Valentine’s Day Massacre Special

Coming this Valentines day, Rockstar will be releasing another free add-on to Grand Theft Auto V’s story and online mode.

Starting this Friday, players will have access to a new wardrobe, consisting of new hats, t-shirts, suits and dresses, masks, undergarments, and a new hairstyle.

To go along with the wardrobe, Rockstar has also included the Gusenburg Sweeper, a cold-steel machine gun that can be picked up for free at any Ammu-Nation.
(In story mode, your character will automatically receive it with two additional magazines.) 

To go along with the attire and firepower, the Valentine’s Day Massacre will include the classically-inspired Albany Roosevelt. Players can either sit or ride along side the Roosevelt, firing and causing mischief.¬†Topping it all off, the player will also be presented with 10 new jobs that range from team deathmatch to cycle racing.

Be cautious though; this add-on is only for a limited time, however, once the player acquires any of the additions in the DLC, the player will have them for good.