Halo Weekly Update 2/20/14

It’s Thursday, and that means it’s time for another Halo Weekly Update!

Matchmaking Updates

Monday 17th’s update saw a new playlist appear in Halo 4 matchmaking – Big Rumble! This playlist is a collection of 12 player FFA modes, offered on big maps including all the Crimson and Castle DLC maps. The following game types are featured in this playlist:

• Infinity Slayer
• Slayer Pro
• Regicide
• King of the Hill
• Oddball
• Quick Draw

The final entry on that list, Quick Draw, was the winner of the last Community Choice poll. This game type has players equipped with Magnums, Frag Grenades and the Dexterity Support Upgrade.

Speaking of Community Choice, the next one is here!

Community Choice

Continuing the FFA theme, the next Community Choice is here to decide what game type should be added to the existing Rumble Pit playlist!

community choice 3

Rumble Snipers
“Players are equipped with UNSC Sniper Rifles, Magnums, and dreams of headshots and Snapshots.”

Rumble Swords 
“Be quick, nimble, and for goodness sake, watch your back.”

Rumble Rockets 
“Explosions. Explosions everywhere.”

Head here to vote!

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Spartan Assault (Xbox One) Update


An update has been released for the Xbox One version of Spartan Assault to improve general stability and fixes some reported bugs. Here is the full list of what is included in this update:

  • Fixed assorted game crashes.
  • Fixed an issue where the player would automatically fire when exiting a turret.
  • Fixed an issue where the player would occasionally be unable to exit a turret.
  • Fixed an issue where the player would stay in a slow walking, aiming, or shooting stance.
  • Fixed an issue where players who have completed or made progress with challenges on another device did not show progress, despite challenges being complete.
  • Fixed an issue where Kinect voice chat would play through speaker, even when a headset was plugged in.
  • Fixed an issue where upon hijacking a Wraith, players sometimes became stuck.
  • Fixed assorted grenade indicator issues.
  • Fixed assorted audio issues.
  • Fixed an issue where Campaign medals would pop up while playing Co-op.


Toy Fair 2014

This past week has seen the reveal of several new lines of Halo toys at Toy Fair, including a Mega Bloks Broadsword, Elephant, Scarab and a selection of Mega Bloks NMPD sets. There was also a remote control MB Mantis, a messenger bag, an awesome light-up Cortana chip keychain, and a couple of new McFarlane figures, amongst others.

Check out this gallery to see the whole selection showcased at Toy Fair!

Community Playdate

platdate big rumble

Some of the 343i team will be hopping into the new Big Rumble playlist on Monday from 6-8pm PST – keep an eye out for the following gamertags if you’re doing the same!

  • HaloWaypoint 
  • bs angel 
  • B is for Bravo 
  • TTL L askan


That’s all for this week, be sure to check out the latest Bulletin for a new Screenshot Spotlight and Bravo’s Valentine story!

Until next time!