Halo Weekly Update 2/27/14

It’s time for another Halo Weekly Update! By the looks of the latest bulletin, there’s some fun in store for next week! Read on to hear about Medal Madness, Halo: Escalation and more!

Matchmaking Updates


Last week we were asked what game type we’d like to see added to Rumble Pit. The winner was the Rumble Swords game type, an 8-player FFA Energy Sword filled game mode!

Also coming on Monday is a completely new mode called Medal Madness! This new game type is a 4v4 medal-centric mode consisting of 1-minute “mini-rounds”. A team wins a round by having gained the most medals of that round’s type by the end of the minute, at which point it will seamlessly switch to a new medal type, rather than stopping the action to start a new round, as in other game modes. The score limit is seven rounds won by either team.

Here are the medals that will be featured in the various rounds:

  • Double Kill
  • Snapshot
  • Assassination
  • Hail Mary
  • Spartan Laser
  • Melee
  • Supercombine
  • Rail Gun
  • Binary Rifle Kill
  • Sword / Hammer Kill
  • Rocket / Fuel Rod Kills


Now, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to nab enough of some of these medals to win, but it’s all sorted for you! When the rounds change, the player traits and game rules also change to reflect the relevant medal, for example in Double Kill round, the rules mirror that of SWAT, featuring insta-kill headshots, no radar, and Battle Rifles!

It’s hinted by multiplayer designer Laskan that this game mode could find it’s way into Action Sack after it’s tenure as the featured playlist for two weeks, it’s not a guarantee, but it looks likely that this will be the case – so be sure to leave some great feedback in the Waypoint forums after testing it out, feedback is very important for a good experience.

It’s worth noting that whilst there are no details to share at this time, two things in the pipeline are an update to Team Throwdown, as well as something called “Ninja Assassins”, be sure to keep an eye out for these in future updates!

Handy Links


Waypoint Mobile App

In order to allow more of the 343 Industries team to work on future projects, support for the Waypoint mobile app, including the ATLAS map feature, will be discontinued on August 1st 2014. The Halo 4 Stats app will be unaffected, and all currently available features of the site will still be accessible. Other than the ATLAS feature, little is really lost as the Waypoint site is optimised for mobile browsers anyway.

Additionally, you will no longer be able to view your custom Halo: Reach Spartan on the Waypoint site past this date. Your last Spartan setup will remain permanently, or for those who first play the game after this date, only the default Spartan model will be seen.

Halo: Escalation #3


Issue #3 of Halo: Escalation, a comic series from Dark Horse telling tales of the Infinity and it’s crew after the events of Spartan Ops, is now available!

Escalation is available digitally on the Dark Horse website, or can be purchased from a number of retailers.

For a sneak peek at this issue, head here to read the first six pages.

Marine Avatar Armors

Some new avatar armors have become available for anyone interested in giving their Xbox sprites a fresh change of clothes, check them out on the Xbox Marketplace!


That wraps up this update, be sure to check out the Bulletin for a screenshot spotlight featuring all things purple!

Until next time!