Nutjitsu and Worms Battleground Coming to Xbox One Thanks to [email protected]!

Microsoft has finally announced that Nutjitsu and Worms Battleground will be among the first titles to be launched on the Xbox One with their [email protected] initiative, the successor to Xbox Live Indy.

Nutjitsu, which was previously released on Windows 8 platforms for free, will see players as a ninja squirrel whose goal is to steal many acorns while remaining undetected. The game is brought to us by Ninja Bee, the developer behind A World of Keflings.

Worms developer Team 17 didn’t offer much in the way of details about its new game, but they are a huge supporter of the [email protected] program and the self-publishing possibilities it offers to all indie developers.

Neither title has on official release date, but considering both games are indie and Microsoft is known for showing their indie games love during the summer, one could suspect a summer release.