RUL Challenges – 3/2/14

Looks like some of you have been quite busy over the last two weeks!

In case you missed it, here is the first post with all the info you need about the challenges.

Just a heads-up, if a challenge gives you the option to include a game that is harder to track, by all means feel free to use that game, but you must be prepared to provide evidence, even if difficult to do so.

Last week, we had 3 slightly more time-consuming challenges to take on. Due to the site being down, one of them was adjusted, but it seems most were able to carry on with it just fine.

In case you forgot what they were…


Post, Post, Post!

CHANGED DUE TO SITE BEING DOWN: Make 14 posts over the course of the two weeks.


Choices, Choices…

Play at least 10 different games.

The Contender

Win, or be on the winning team of 15 matches in Halo 3, Reach or 4′s online matchmaking.

A pat on the back to those asserting their authority in the lead, to the rest, put yourself in that first category!

Here are the standings after last week’s challenges:

Rank Name Challenges Completed
#1 Liz_Fenix 9
#1 Splice 9
#1 Velociraptor 9
#1 Ye Olde Apple 9
#1 iForge 9
#2 Velocity 8
#3 BlacKnight 6
#4 Tyzer 5
#5 Foundation Afro 4
#6 TheShadowBlade 3
#6 ScribbleFilo 3
#7 Discovra 2
#7 Soterios 2
#8 Fondarelli 1

Anyways, onwards and upwards! Here are your challenges for the next two weeks!



Weekday Warrior: Take Two

Make at least one post on every weekday (Mon-Fri) for the next two weeks, excluding Monday (2/3/14) and Tuesday (2/4/14).

[Recommended Evidence: Screenshot site activity, or screenshot “date stamp” at top of each of the 8 posts]

Game Based

Varied Achiever

Unlock at least one achievement in 7 different Xbox games. (Must be at least one per game)

[Recommended Evidence: Screenshot]

Campaigner: Part 1

Complete the mission “Dawn” from Halo 4’s campaign on Legendary with Thunderstorm, Catch and Tough Luck skulls enabled. Co-op is allowed.

[Recommended Evidence: Screenshot from Halo 4 Stats, it shows mission, difficulty, skulls and date]


Feel free to contact me if you have any queries/issues about the challenges.

Good luck with your challenges this week, and above all, have fun!