RUL Night: Halo Wars

It has been quite a while since we’ve had an RUL Night on this gem of a game, so we decided to rectify that situation!  For some odd reason this game always manages to turn even the best of friends into enemies when put against each other, but that’s what creates such intense and awesome gaming. So, we suggest you have plenty of snacks and drinks ready for what will prove to be a battle of epic proportions.


Invites for this RUL Night will work a little differently. Reply to this thread to let us know if you absolutely will, or will possibly be attending this event.  This will be used so we can place people into lobbies to make the invitation process quicker and easier. The day of the event, it will be listed in this thread what people will be in which lobby and then you can send the host a message for an invite when RUL Night starts. This should help us get into a game much faster than usual!  Read below for additional details:


When: Saturday, February 8th at 6 PM CST

Game: Halo Wars

Gamertags for Invites:

Start a Riot (Community Manager) – Start a R1OT