EA Sports UFC Will Not Support Fileshare

EA Sports UFC will allow players to create their own characters, but the game will not support file-sharing due to copyright issues.

Recently speaking with MMAJunkie the game’s creative director Brian Hayes stated the UFC game won’t contain the ‘Fighter Share’ feature which launched with similar EA Sports titles such as EA MMA, Fight Night round 4 aswell as others in the series, and the reason for this being was due to players creating fighters that were not officially licensed by EA themselves.


With players having the creativity and freedom to create pretty much whoever they please we have seen an array of familiar faces created and shared online from people such as Bruce Lee, Snoop Dogg, Mr T, Michael Jackson and even Harry Potter, causing EA all sorts of problems in copyright claims.

From what we have seen to date, the title is shaping up to be nothing short of spectacular, visually each fighter packs outstandingly accurate lifelike features, and if the game-play matches this UFC fans around the world will be more than happy with the wait on release.

Tate Rousey

Whilst we sit and wait on an official release date for the UFC game to be announced, what we do know is the game is due ‘Spring 2014’.


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