GTA V Mixer with Comic Gamers

We are so excited to announce that next Friday we will be having a fun-filled mixer with the wonderful members from Comic Gamers. This is a great chance to interact and cause chaos in Los Santos with fellow gamers. This mixer night should prove to be a great time to have fun, meet new people, and form new friendships across our two awesome communities!  As always, make sure to be respectful of your fellow crew members and our new friends at Comic Gamers. If you have this undying need to get a 5-star wanted level and cause trouble with fellow gamers, this game night will be the perfect opportunity to take out all that road rage on computer players, or hold out from the cops at the Playboy mansion.  We hope to see you there next Friday!

For this game night, we will have a host from each site, so all you have to do is send a message to one of us to receive an invite to the game. Read below for additional details:

When:  Friday, March 14th at 7 PM Central Time

Game: GTA V  (GTA Online)

Gamertags for Invites:

Start a Riot (Community Manager) –  Start a R1OT

Floidberger (Events Manager- Comic Gamers) – Deadpool Psycko