Halo Weekly Update 3/27/14

It feels like only last week that I was writing the last Halo update and, contrary to the fact you cannot find it – I did write one last week! However, I am human and like other members of my species I am prone to having a memory like a sieve and… I may or may not have forgotten to hit the ever-so-important “Publish” button. So, today I present to you not one, but TWO weeks of Halo news! Now, grab a comfy chair, maybe some popcorn and your carbonated drink of choice, and enjoy!

Matchmaking Updates

The new “competitive-style” multiplayer experience for Halo 4, Proving Ground, was added on Monday 17th. This new playlist is taking over from Team Throwdown, and features updated settings, BR starts, as well as having no Ordnance or Armor Abilities. Monday’s update also saw the featured playlist change to Extraction, which will be available until March 31st.


The “Featured Playlist” coming in this Monday’s update (March 31st) is Squad DLC, a mixture of 6v6 Slayer and objective modes playable on maps from the Crimson, Castle and Bullseye map packs. The highly popular Heavies mode will also be appearing in this playlist, with the possibility of more permanent vehicular warfare game modes being considered for future updates.

Monday’s update also features a full refresh of the Flood playlist. The new map rotation is as follows:

  • Constellation by The 0micron
  • Morgan Bay by REMKings
  • Plaza by PA1NTS
  • Procedure by SammichEaterPro
  • Prora by Oasis Hurler
  • Repository by SammichEaterPro
  • Substance by PA1NTS
  • The 4th Kind by PA1NTS
  • Until Now by TheElderAcorn
  • Villa del Pena by CANADIAN ECHO


Additionally, the following two maps will be included as updated versions of themselves:

  • Payload by NARB GUY
  • Temple by Mr. Pokephile


A new game mode is coming to Flood as well, called “Last Stand”, designed by community members “PA1NTS” and “S1ERRA420”. Last Stand features “Hold-Out” style gameplay where humans are confined to one space and must work together to survive the constant onslaught of the Flood, who can attack from regions inaccessible to the humans. Last Stand will be featured on:

  • Constellation
  • Plaza
  • Repository
  • Substance


A teaser trailer for the gametype is viewable here, and a more detailed breakdown of the mode can be found here.


The winner of last week’s BTB Community Choice poll was Team Snipers, so check back after the update to get in on some Big Team Snipers action!

Handy Links


bs angel


It was announced in last week’s Halo Bulletin that current Community Manager, Jessica Shea (better known online as “bs angel”), will be changing roles within 343 Industries. Now to be known as 343’s “Studio Operations PM”, which is an exciting new role for her to take on and continue to influence the Halo franchise through. To celebrate, a fantastic collection of some of her best moments so far has been presented within the Bulletin, so be sure to check it out!

Be sure to send her any congratulations via Twitter! (@bsangel)

Halo: Spartan Assault on Steam

After originally releasing for Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8, then on the Xbox One & Xbox 360, Halo: Spartan Assault is coming to Steam, available April 4th. This version will feature the 30 missions available in the other versions, plus Steam achievements and leaderboard functionality.

For more information on Spartan Assault, head here.

Halo: Escalation #4


The fourth issue of the Dark Horse comic series centred around the UNSC Infinity and it’s crew, Halo: Escalation is now available!

“The UNSC Infinity is ambushed by an unexpected enemy while on a mission to rescue a damaged civilian freighter. Across the galaxy, an undercover Lasky enlists the help of an old friend in rooting out a spy inside the UNSC.”

For a sneak peek at the first six pages, head here. To purchase this issue, go to the Dark Horse website or check in at your local comic store!


That’s all for this week, be sure to check out the latest Bulletin for a Haven-themed Screenshot spotlight and an updated “upcoming playlists” calendar!

Until next time, folks!