Halo Weekly Update 3/6/14

Hopefully you’ve been enjoying the Medal Madness playlist that was recently added, read on to find out what’s coming in the next update!

Matchmaking Updates

On Monday we saw two additions to Halo 4’s multiplayer mode. The first and foremost was Medal Madness, which comprises of 1-minute-long rounds, with each having a certain medal as the objective. The settings, traits and equipment change in each round to suit the medal, and the transitions between rounds do not stop the action like in other round-based playlists.

The second addition was that of Rumble Swords to Rumble Pit, as a result of the Community Choice poll last week! This game type does what it says on the tin, 8 player FFA with Energy Swords and lots of slicing!


Coming in the next update, on Monday 17th, is a big overhaul of the competitive-style playlist “Team Throwdown”. The playlist name will change to “Proving Ground”, and it will become the new home for the Top 200 program, having players assessed on their performance in the playlist. There will be no Ordnance, Armor Abilities, Loadouts, and the Motion Tracker will be enabled, with the starting weapon being the Battle Rifle. More details on this playlist are set to come next week.

Extraction will also return in the update on March 17th.

Community Choice

For this week’s poll, the subject is Proving Ground. You’ve got 3 standard game types to pick from, only 1 can go into the playlist!


Head here to vote!

Handy Links


Community Playdate

Some 343i members are hopping into Medal Madness on Monday, see the details below to find out how to join them!


Knowledge Drop

Here are a few questions asked of 343i that have been answered by none other than Jeremy Patenaude and Brian Reed:

Q: The Minister of Discovery seems to think his people squandered the Mantle. Was it “given” to them until Humanity was ready? – @AncientHistoryx 

A: Despite his heavy critique of the Covenant, Discovery’s perspective is not entirely objective, so it’s important to take everything he says within the framework of his skewed worldview. 

Q: Mortal Dictata was great! What happened to Sav Fel? Along with Endurance, there is no more info about his fate. – @ShadowDRAC086 

A: Right now, Mortal Dictata’s events are the most details we’re giving out about our bird buddy Sav Fel. We’re just glad we’ve got a Skirmisher among the ranks of named characters. 

Q: DeMarco was born on Aug 24, yet he says his birthday is Mar 5th in Issue #3. Can you clear this up? [email protected]_Admirals 

A: Clearly someone in the UNSC Paperwork Filing Corps filed the wrong paperwork.

That’s all for this week! Check back next Thursday for the next update!

Until next time!