RUL Challenges Season 1 – 3/17/14

Welcome to the final set of challenges for Season 1 of the RUL Challenges! Last week you were tasked with Achievements, Halo, and a game of hide-and-seek. This week, you’re going to be creative!

Firstly, last week’s summary:

Site Based


3 dinosaur images have been hidden in threads around RUL, find them all!

Game Based

Campaigner: Part 3

Complete mission 3 “Forerunner” of Halo 4’s campaign mode on Heroic, with 7 skulls enabled.

That Guilty Spark

Complete 343G’s worth of achievements.

Rank Name Challenges Completed
#1 Liz_Fenix 18
#1 Splice 18
#1 Velociraptor 18
#1 iForge 18
#1 Ye Olde Apple 18
#2 Velocity 11
#2 Tyzer 11
#3 BlacKnight 9
#4 Foundation Afro 7
#5 TheShadowBlade 3
#5 ScribbleFilo 3
#6 Discovra 2
#6 Soterios 2
#7 Fondarelli 1

Currently, we have 5 challengers all on track for the new site award, keep it up!

Now, onto your new challenges:


RUL Based

Design Us a Home!

If RUL was a physical place, or had a central building/office, how would you imagine it? What would be going on inside? Draw your idea!

[Physical OR digital drawings allowed]

Game Based

Campaigner: Part 4

Complete mission 4 “Infinity” of Halo 4’s campaign mode on Heroic, with 4 skulls enabled – in under 30 mins (Co-op) or under 40 mins (Solo).

[Recommended Evidence: Screenshot/link of Halo 4 Stats]


Play a game with at least 3 other Ready Up Live members.

[Any platform & game allowed, but evidence must be provided. Halo 4 recommended due to ease of tracking, but a screenshot or photo of any other game w/players is acceptable]


Head on over to this post for the rules/guidelines.

Good luck, challengers, and have fun with these!