RUL Challenges Season 1 – 3/3/14

It’s time for the penultimate set of challenges for you to take on for Season 1 of the RUL Challenges!

The list of people in the lead is gradually starting to shrink some are so very close to achieving that site award, so keep it up if you are one of those!

Here are the results from last time:

Site Based

Polling Booth

Vote and post in an RUL Poll that you haven’t already done so in.

Game Based

Campaigner: Part 2

Complete the mission “Requiem” in Halo 4’s campaign on Legendary difficulty, with any 5 skulls enabled. Solo only.

Master Builder

Build something RUL related on any version of Minecraft.

Rank Name Challenges Completed
#1 Liz_Fenix 15
#1 Splice 15
#1 Velociraptor 15
#1 iForge 15
#1 Ye Olde Apple 15
#2 Velocity 11
#3 BlacKnight 9
#4 Tyzer 9
#4 Foundation Afro 7
#5 TheShadowBlade 3
#5 ScribbleFilo 3
#6 Discovra 2
#6 Soterios 2
#7 Fondarelli 1

One of last week’s challenges was to make something RUL related in Minecraft, here’s what you came up with!


Great work, these were fantastic!

Now, you’ve got some hunting to do this week – here are the new challenges:


Site Based


3 dinosaur images have been hidden in threads around RUL, find them all!

Please enter your answers in the form below, that way it remains secret!

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Game Based

Campaigner: Part 3

Complete mission 3 “Forerunner” of Halo 4’s campaign mode on Heroic, with 7 skulls enabled.

[Recommended Evidence: Screenshot/link of Halo 4 Stats]

That Guilty Spark

Complete 343G’s worth of achievements.

[Recommended Evidence: Screenshot(s) of Xbox profile/achievements list, or link to profile]


Head on over to this post for the rules, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Good luck, challengers!