RUL Challenges Season 2 – 3/31/14 [S1 Results]

Welcome to the beginning of Season 2 of the Ready Up Live Challenges! Now is the time for those who feel behind to now get ahead of the game and really push for that site award!

For the deserving winners of the award from Season 1, there is still all to compete for! Bragging rights are one hell of a prize, not to mention the possibility of other prizes that, whilst not guaranteed to come into play, may well become available! But before we get into the new season, let’s cast our minds back over the last two weeks and see just what happened…

RUL Based

Design Us a Home!

If RUL was a physical place, or had a central building/office, how would you imagine it? What would be going on inside? Draw your idea!

Game Based

Campaigner: Part 4

Complete mission 4 “Infinity” of Halo 4′s campaign mode on Heroic, with 4 skulls enabled – in under 30 mins (Co-op) or under 40 mins (Solo).


Play a game with at least 3 other Ready Up Live members.

The RUL Based challenge was to design RUL a home, and there were some fantastic submissions:



After these challenges, the final standings for Season 1 are as follows:

Rank Name Challenges Completed
#1 Liz_Fenix 21
#1 Splice 21
#1 Velociraptor 21
#1 iForge 21
#1 Ye Olde Apple 21
#2 Tyzer 14
#3 Velocity 11
#4 BlacKnight 9
#5 Foundation Afro 7
#6 TheShadowBlade 3
#6 ScribbleFilo 3
#7 Discovra 2
#7 Soterios 2
#8 Fondarelli 1

So, without further ado, congratulations to Liz_Fenix, Splice, Velociraptor, Ye Olde Apple and iForge – the reigning champions of Season 1 of the RUL Challenges! You will all receive the shiny new site award in due course for your tireless efforts, fantastic work on all accounts! To those who were not so successful – now is your chance!

Season 2 is planned to be bigger and better, and even more fun, so get on board now!

Swiftly moving on… There is no time for resting – here are your first challenges for Season 2!

The first ones will be somewhat simpler, just to ease you in…


RUL Based

Weekly Gamer

Attend 2 Weekly RUL Game Nights.

[Recommended Evidence: Halo 4 Stats entry/screenshot or photo of other game night]

Game Based

Campaigner: Part 5

Complete the fifth mission of Halo 4’s campaign “Reclaimer” on Heroic with 11 skulls on.

[Recommended Evidence: Halo 4 Stats entry]

Specific Success

Complete exactly 100G’s worth of Achievements. You may complete more, but you must be able to combine some of your achievements unlocked in this period to make 100G.

[Recommended Evidence: Pics of/links to achievements on]


As a reminder, here are the rules/guidelines for the RUL Challenges:


1. When you have completed the challenges, post in the connected forum thread (linked at the bottom of the post).

2. Challenge entries close when the post for the next set of challenges has been released.

3. Evidence must be provided with every challenge completion. Evidence recommendations will be provided with each challenge, any other form of evidence must show any specifics appropriate for the challenge.

4. If an evidence submission is not suitable, you will be contacted via PM. If no changes are made, or no replies are received by the time the relevant challenges are closed, that particular challenge will be treated as incomplete.

[Note: The requirement of evidence is not intended to show a lack of trust in anyone, it is purely a formality to ensure the challenges are fair for all]


Good luck to all those intending to take these on, and most of all, have fun!