Weekly GTA Online Nights with Dark and KillerOfCereal

You like driving around with a crew? You like causing shenanigans with trains and cops? You like breathing? Well then do I have an offer for you! For the low low price of free, you can join myself and KillerOfCereal in RUL’s weekly GTA Online Nights! AKA “Clever Title” Tuesdays! Most nights will be hosted by myself and/or Killer. Watch this thread for any changes for an upcoming week. If there are any changes for the week, we will explain them in this thread. So now, the details:

Tuesday nights starting April 1.

We will start at 8 O’Clock EST and go until we run out of energy or bullets.

To join, send a message to either Dark Rahien or KillerOfCereal on Xbox Live.

To keep up on upcoming nights and see who will be there, follow @ReadyUpLive on twitter, as well as myself @DarkRahien and @KillerOfCereal

So come join your mods in letting loose on GTA. We look forward to seeing you all in San Andreas!

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