Weekly Halo 4 Nights with Soterios and Ye Olde Apple

Do you hate it when the weekend ends? Looking for a reason to stay up in the evenings? Reading this announcement out as if it were a commercial? Well you should, because now you have something to anticipate on Mondays!

Here at RUL, we’re excited to bring to the users a year full of Halo 4 game nights! Start your week off with Soterios and I as we invite users to come and shoot at each other with a variety of weaponry! Not only will we be demolishing one other, but we’ll be racing through absurd obstacles, slaying the un-dead in tight corridors, crushing our friends with vehicles, and potentially revisiting the past with fan favorites. All of which will of course be monitored and overlooked by your fellow staff members to insure the most beneficial and enjoyable experience to get your week started right.

Time and place: Mondays at 6:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M Central, Xbox 360 (your living room, bedroom, garage)

Requirements: A working headset, good manners, a playable copy of Halo 4, and an open-mind.

Game: Halo 4 (DLC is optional, although we’d like for you to download Forge Island as it’s free!)

Who to contact for an invite: Soterios or Ye Olde Apple

Whether you’re new to ReadyUpLive or familiar with our love for Halo, ‘Halo Mondays’ with your fellow staff are a must these future Mondays.