Weekly League of Legends Nights with AnthraX and Minolta

Myself along with Minolta are very excited to start this weekly League Of Legends night, depending on the amount of people interested and participating we also have plans for future RUL LoL content! I’ve been playing league since early season 3 (Feb, 2013) with Minolta picking it up during the events of PAX Prime (Aug,2013). We both have been working on secondary accounts that are lower level to allow even first time leaguers to pick it up, play, and learn with us.

With the small 5 person team size we may find ourselves playing in house matches or splitting into separate groups to adhere to the widest player skill as possible. (We won’t be pushing people into lanes, or even games, were a large experience difference is obvious.)
There are a few “Custom game modes” that we may play as well, including but not limited to Hide & Seek, Aram, randomly generated builds, etc.

Unless mentioned in this thread, There will be league every Thursday, although time of day and host may vary.

April 3rd @ 7pm Central

Add Summoner names AnthraXTHK or Minolta1034 in the League of Legends client.
Telling us your summoner name in this thread will also help to ensure we do not confuse you for a random recent player.