What to Look Forward to in March!

If you’re like me, you probably have little-to-no idea what’s happening in the world of gaming this month, past your main interests. Just for you, here’s a round up of what game content you should be looking out for in March! Who knows, maybe there’s something you’ve forgotten about, or not even considered trying out?

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Release Window:

  • Xbox 360, PS3, PC: March 4th (NA) / 6th (AU) / 7th (EU)


The long-awaited turn based RPG from Obsidian Entertainment, Stick of Truth, will finally be arriving early this month after being delayed multiple times from its original release date in March 2013. The game stays true to the “cut-out” graphic style of the popular South Park TV show, and is written by the creators of the show, giving this new release a true sense of authenticity.

Head to the official website for more information!


Release Window:

  • Xbox One, PC: March 11th (NA) / 13th (EU, AU) / 14th (UK, NZ)
  • Xbox 360: March 25th (NA) / 28th (EU)


Respawn Entertainment’s highly anticipated debut title, Titanfall, looks to be one of the strongest titles releasing this year, claimed by some to be revolutionizing the FPS genre. During the recent beta test, some 2 million players were logged over the course of approximately 1 week, successfully stress-testing the game whilst clearly identifying how popular this game is going to be.

Titanfall combines the fluidity of franchises such as Call of Duty, in a futuristic setting where players (known as Pilots) will be equipped with advanced armor, weapons, parkour-like abilities and the destructive power of the towering mechs known as Titans. The game also introduces the new concept of having AI soldiers involved in PvP multiplayer, adding further to the frenetic action. Xbox One owners will be receiving a console update to coincide with the release of Titanfall in order to optimise the Friends, Party and Invite systems amongst other changes, in order to improve the experience further, allowing players to hop into games with their friends much easier.

Visit Titanfall’s official website for more info!

Dark Souls II

Release Window:

  • Xbox 360, PS3: March 11th (NA) / 13th (JP) / 14th (PAL Regions)
  • PC: Unknown 2014 Date


Prepare to die again in Dark Souls II, a bigger, better, and tougher version of it’s predecessor. Dark Souls II will take place in the same universe as Dark Souls, but will not be directly linked to the previous game in terms of story continuation. The game is said to feature more character customization options than previous games, will require the player to be more conservative by making health items more scarce, and will make use of dedicated servers for multiplayer.

Head over to the Dark Souls II website to read further information on the game!

Slender: The Arrival

Release Window:

  • Xbox 360, PS3: Presumed to release in March (announced to release Q1 2014)


Nearly a year after it’s release on PC, Slender: The Arrival is coming to consoles presumably sometime in March, given that it was announced to release in Q1 2014, and March is the final month of that time period. This game is a fully-fledged sequel to the highly popular and viral PC game Slender: The Eight Pages.

The Arrival works very much in the same way as TEP, putting the player in charge of a character exploring a location, armed only with  a flashlight and the ability to sprint, attempting to solve a puzzle or objective whilst being endlessly pursued by the Slenderman, a creation of the Something Awful forums, a suit-clad creature with no face that can move at immense speeds. The Arrival features a full story arc, unlike TEP, comprises multiple missions, and has much more interactivity with the location and objects than it’s predecessor.

You can find more info on Slender: The Arrival on it’s official website.

Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea – Episode 2

Release Window:

  • Xbox 360, PS3, PC: March 25th (All regions)


Coming at the end of March is the second part of the Burial At Sea story expansion DLC for Bioshock Infinite, costing $15 if you’re not a Season Pass holder. Unlike the first part, this DLC is said to feature much more stealth and survival-horror type gameplay. To fit in with this theme, a new game-mode is included with the DLC, “1998 Mode”. This mode is said to focus on stealth gameplay and challenges players to complete the story using only stealth and non-lethal methods.

Head over to the Bioshock: Infinite website for more information on Burial At Sea!

That’s your wrap-up for this month, hopefully it will come in useful!

Are you planning to get any of these? Let us know in the comments!