Evolve – 4v1 Interactive Trailer

From the creators of the original Left 4 Dead comes the highly anticipated, Evolve. Which can most easily be described as a Tank battle from Left 4 Dead on steroids!

The new interactive trailer gives us a look from all perspectives. The first being that of the Goliath, one of the playable Monsters in the game, and then each of the individual Hunters. Feel free to use the annotations in the video to jump between perspectives!

As the Hunters, it’s your job to take on the role of the Trapper, Assault, Medic, or Support, in an effort to take down the Monster; Easier said than done. Teamwork is key in these encounters and all Hunters need to be on the same page, using their unique set of skills and weaponry in tandem to win the battle or failure will inevitably come swiftly.

The player who becomes the Monster, his job is to eliminate the Hunters. The Monster is a more methodical role; Relying on taking your time, feeding on animals to regenerate your armor and to stage up. Staging up provides the Monster with greater armor and even more abilities, further preparing it for that idea 4v1 fight.

Evolve releases later this year on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

What do you love most about Evolve so far? What class is your favorite Hunter class? Let us know all the things in the comments!