Halo Weekly Update 4/10/14

Something new and fun is coming to matchmaking next week, read on for more!

Matchmaking Updates

Ninja Assassins

Ninja Assassins is an exciting new game mode coming to matchmaking this Monday! This is an 8-player FFA mode that equips players with Energy Swords, UNSC Sniper Rifles, Thruster Packs and custom armor; with motion tracker disabled. 10 points are awarded for a kill, 30 points for an assassination. It goes further than that, though – each kill you get in succession, in one life, will take you up a “level”. The level structure and rewards are as follows:

Ninja Level 1
Shields recharge at a faster rate (2x)
Assassinations performed at a faster rate (2x)

Ninja Level 2
Shields recharge at a faster rate (2x)
Shields recharge sooner than normal (after 3 seconds)
Assassinations performed at a faster rate (3x)

Ninja Level 3
Shields recharge at a faster rate (2x)
Shields recharge sooner than normal (after 2 seconds)
Assassinations performed at a faster rate (4x)
Unlimited Thruster Pack energy

This playlist will be available to try out until the update on April 28th, make sure to let us know what you think of it!

Big Team Battle

BTB is getting some new content this Monday, starting with Neutral Flag! This one-flag mode will be available on the following maps:

• Valhalla
• Exile
• Longbow

There are also two brand new community-made maps being added to the playlist:

Excavation – Flying Shoe ILR


“Excavation is a rotationally symmetrical map set in an abandoned mining area. The most important asset on Excavation is the Mantis, which is a powerful tool for controlling various parts of the map.”

Panic Station – The Psycho Duck


“Panic Station is a large map with vertical gameplay elements. This map provides unprecedented freedom for Warthog and vehicle play while still offering plenty of options to players on foot.”

Community Choice


Proving Ground was the subject of last week’s Community Choice poll, where we were given the task of choosing which game mode would be added to the new competitive-style playlist. Oddball turned out to be the most popular choice, so you can expect to see that appear in the playlist this Monday!

Handy Links


Community Meld

A new feature Xbox has developed for Xbox One digital-only titles, “Meld”, will be coming to Spartan Assault. Spartan Assault’s Meld is a new hub for news and info on upcoming projects within the Halo universe, amongst other features. This new feature will launch on April 15th, see a preview of it below:


Waypoint Store Sale

From April 10th – 14th, the Halo Waypoint store is holding a sale on tees and hoodies! All shirts will be down to $15 and all hoodies to $45, be sure to check it out in the store!

That’s mostly all for this week, be sure to check out the latest Halo Bulletin for a pink-themed Screenshot Spotlight, a feature on an awesome replica helmet from Stony Props and more!

Until next week!