Halo Weekly Update 4/17/14

This week’s Bulletin is rather light on information, but we are promised some interesting things to come for Halo 4 matchmaking. On a side note, we only have 8 weeks until we get some exciting Halo news at E3 2014! The wait is almost over…

Matchmaking Updates

Monday 14th’s update brought the brand new Ninja Assassins mode to matchmaking, and it has consistently held one of the largest population numbers since it’s introduction. The mode equips players in black armor, with Energy Swords, Sniper Rifles and Plasma Grenades to fight it out with. 10 points are awarded for a kill, whilst an Assassination will net you a hefty 30 points. Each kill takes you up a Ninja Level, granting you faster shield recharge, faster Assassinations and more! Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think of it!

The update also added Neutral Flag to the Big Team Battle playlist on Ragnarok, Exile and Longbow. The community-built maps “Excavation” and “Panic Station”, created by Flying Shoe ILR and The Psycho Duck respectively, were also added to Big Team Battle.


The Featured Playlist set to take over from Ninja Assassins on April 28th is Multi Team, and the Community Choice poll is focused on picking an extra mode to add to the playlist.

Community Choice: Multi Team


Quick Draw

“One of Halo 4’s newer game types, Quick Draw equips players with Magnums, Frag Grenades, and a dream.”

Legendary Slayer

“Multi-Team Legendary Slayer pits players against one another in a precision rifle based experience. Headshots, stolen kills, and this time around, there are three losing teams instead of just one.”

Team Swords

“Lots of Energy Swords, clashing, and nonstop action.”

Voting will be open for approximately 4 days, head here to cast you vote!

Handy Links


Knowledge Drop


The Franchise Writers at 343i have been answering some community questions about the Halo story universe, check them out below!

Q: Do they still have eye glasses in the 26th Century? Or has near/far sightedness become a thing of the past?
[email protected]

A: Medical science has resolved most issues with eyesight, though some people choose to wear glasses for a variety of reasons.

Q: I’ve heard rumors Sangheili speak backwards. Is this true? And what does “wort wort wort” mean?
[email protected]

A: Stsgiloporhtnaonex yb ylevisnetxe deiduts gnieb llits dna xelpmoc ylbidercni si egaugnal iliehgnas. Noitseuq taerg.

Q: Can you elaborate on what the object beneath Sword Base was along with the info it contained?
[email protected]_Admirals

A: It was a Forerunner ship and its debris field was spread out across Eposz for a hundred millennia. It’s secrets are still under heavy scrutiny.

Q: Where are Covenant ships and armors created post war? And why do the Covenant use green lights?
[email protected]

A: While a handful of their local shipyards still exist, most are inactive, forcing many Sangheili to fight over what remained at the close of the war. Shipboard/hull lighting can vary in color for a number of reasons, including things such as the manufacturer, the era of production, and a commander’s personal preference.

That’s all for this week, be sure to check out the latest Halo Bulletin for a riveting tale of the unfailing bravery of one Andy “Bravo” Dudynsky (see below), and an Adrift-themed Screenshot Spotlight!


Until next week!