GTA Online: The High Life Update Coming Tuesday 5/13

Rockstar has finally announced that the highly anticipated High Life Update will be released next Tuesday for free on all platforms. The Update will bring new apartments, vehicles, Jobs, clothing, and gestures. The specific items coming in the update are:

  • 5 All New Apartments: Players will be able to purchase 5 apartments in new locations around Los Santos, all furnished with the new housing layout! Players will also now be able to own two properties at a time, including garages.
  • 5 Brand New Cars: Players will be able to order 5 new vehicles from Legendary Motorsport; The Enus Huntley S, Dewbauchee Massacro (Sports), Pegassi Zentorno (Super), and the Dinka Thrust (Motorcycle) will all be available for purchase and storage in your new second garage!
  • The Bullpup Rifle: A new powerful rifle with which you can vanquish enemies!
  • Player “Mental State” Statistic: A new stat to identify players who are prone to mass murders or just like chilling at the pier.
  • No Contact Race Option: This option will allow no contact between players in race modes. But players will still be able to crash into the environment and world traffic.
  • New Clothing, Gestures, and Auto Customizations: <— This