Halo Mash-Up Pack Coming to Minecraft

It appears that a Halo “Mash-Up” pack is headed to Minecraft for Xbox, after a tweet was posted on the Halo Waypoint Twitter account today.


An in-game screenshot was included, showing a Master Chief skinned player holding a Needler, stood in front of a structure made up of blocks textured with a Halo-inspired design. The tweet also included “#MinecraftXBLA”, further confirming suspicions.

No release date or further details have been given as yet, be sure to keep an eye out as more information is sure to surface soon!

Phil Spencer recently confirmed that a release date for Minecraft: Xbox One is close to being finalized. It’s unclear whether mash-up packs will make it into the Xbox One version, however it seems likely that if we don’t see these features immediately, they will surely be added in one of the first updates.

Are you excited for this new add-on? What do you think this Needler is a re-skinned version of? Let us know in the comments!