Halo Weekly Update 5/1/14

Welcome to the first Halo Weekly Update for May! It is now exactly 6 weeks until E3 2014 will be coming to a close – by which time we will have hopefully had a strong dose of information on Halo: Xbox One… Almost there!

On a side note about the Halo Bulletin, Bravo has said that they’re looking at adjusting the release time of the Bulletin where possible to make it a more optimal time for all readers.

Matchmaking Updates

As reported last week, Heavies joined the list of available playlists in Halo 4 on Monday. This will be a permanent playlist until further notice, and of course has now been removed from the “Featured Playlist” pool. Heavies is a 6v6 playlist featuring Slayer, CTF and KotH modes on various maps including those from the Crimson and Castle Map Packs. Heavies did not become a part of the Big Team Battle playlist because Heavies is a 6v6 playlist, whereas BTB is an 8v8. Having that separation also means that is it feasible to start adding other 6v6 modes to Heavies, such as Dominion.

Multi-Team was also added on Monday as the featured playlist – available until May 12th. Multi-Team pits 4 teams of 3 players against each other in Infinity Slayer, Legendary Slayer BR, Oddball, KotH, SWAT, Regicide and Ricochet modes.

Community Choice: Action Sack


Action Sack is the subject of this week’s Community Choice poll – which mode out of the following 3 would you like to see added?

Team Ninja Assassins

A 4 vs. 4 version of Halo 4’s most popular Free-For-All game type! All of the sniping, sneaking, slicing, but this time, you’ve got ninja teammates who will (hopefully) assist with the assassinations.


Sticky Detonators, Plasma Grenades, and an Oddball. Side effects may include explosions. Sticky ones.

Shotgun CTF

Similar to Shotgun Ricochet, Shotgun CTF equips players with Thruster Packs, Plasma Grenades, and a standard issue M45D Tactical Shotgun.

Head here to vote!

Handy Links


That’s mostly all for this week. Be sure to check out the latest Halo Bulletin for a feature on an awesome fully-functional airsoft Spartan Laser (pictured above), a recap of Beyond Entertainment’s Halo 4 1v1 Spring Showdown Tournament and a Wraith-focused Screenshot Spotlight!

Until next week!