Halo Weekly Update 5/22/14

Cast your minds back several weeks and you may remember a Halo Weekly Update that contained two weeks’ worth of Halo info, because I had forgotten to actually publish the post… Well, it seems history has a habit of repeating itself. So, please forgive my terrible memory, and enjoy a double-whammy of Halo news!

Halo 5: Guardians


For weeks now I have been going on about how Halo 5 news is but a few weeks away at E3, but it seems Bonnie Ross had another idea, posting an article this Friday just gone, revealing the next chapter in Master Chief’s story – “Halo 5: Guardians”. Undoubtedly most, if not all of you will know this already, but if you’ve been living under a rock, be sure to head here for our coverage of the reveal!

Matchmaking Updates

Monday 12th’s matchmaking update added the 4v4 mode “Dominion Light” to War Games. Also, Team Ninja Assassins was put into the Action Sack playlist, and the playlist selection screen was updated with “Playlist Flags” to indicate whether playlists were featured, updated and how they had been updated.

Community Choice

The next featured playlist will be King of the Hill, and the goal of last week’s Community Choice poll was to decide on an extra game type to be added to it. Here are the options that were available:

Shotgun King
In the same family as Shotgun Ricochet and Shotgun CTF, Shotgun King equips players with Thruster Packs, Plasma Grenades, and a Shotgun. Get ready for some up close and personal combat.

Rocket King
Rocket King is not a game type for the faint of heart. Players willing to get in the Hill in this game type need to be ready for immediate explosions as well as lots of respawns.

Mosh Pit
A game type that will be familiar to Halo 3 players, Mosh Pit uses one central Hill that doesn’t move, and provides players in the Hill with increased shields. There is only one rule: if you’re killed, just head back to the Hill and jump right in.


The votes showed the clear winner to be Mosh Pit, so this will join the rest of the King of the Hill modes in War Games on Monday!

Speaking of other modes, Stealth King will also be a part of the KotH playlist. This is a brand new mode to Halo 4, equipping each player with a Sniper Rifle, Plasma Grenades, and the Thruster Pack, and all players in the hill getting Active Camouflage.

In addition, both Oddball and Neutral Flag will be added to Team Doubles, and Neutral Flag will also be added to Team Heavies.

Handy Links


Knowledge Drop

Last week, Bravo submitted some of the community’s Halo lore questions to the Franchise team, check them out below!

Question: Do the ships of Battlegroup Dakota have class names, or are they just “ship class A/B/C”?
[email protected]

Answer: Interestingly, these ships were all part of the most recent Visual Guide, but didn’t make it in due to space limitations. Here are their names, but alas, which is which? Some of the more vigilant of Halo spaceship fans will likely be able to tell.

Vindication-class Light Battleship
Length: 1,580m (5,183ft) 

Poseidon-class Light Carrier
Length: 719m (2,359ft)

Strident-class Heavy Frigate
Length: 1,887ft (575m)

One hint is that the ships are not completely to scale with each other as objects in the game, but the dimensions above represent their fictional sizes. It’s possible we may dig deeper one day.

Q: What ever happened to Endurance? Did she Compose herself to drive a Promethean?
[email protected]_Admirals

A: Keeping in mind that the terminals in Halo 4 are impressions of reality created by the Domain, whereas the novels are far more literal in their interpretation of the universe, you actually get a glimpse of Endurance at the end of the terminals when the Librarian takes Requiem’s Prometheans under her control. Her fate is clearly conveyed here.

Q: In the 1st level, the Dawn has a vacuum resistant energy barrier. Was that tech taken from the Covies or made by humans?

A: A little of both. There had been early experimentation with these kinds of barriers, but recovered Covenant technology ultimately tipped the scales to actual production.

Q: What made everyone of every race/culture/ethnicity suddenly drop all hate for each other and come together to form the UNSC?

A: The UNSC is an imperative of the UEG and both are the offspring of the Interplanetary War (and really the answer to it), which actually saw humanity at a state where the above kinds of hatreds weren’t the main ones in circulation. Frieden and Koslovic ideologies dominated the landscape and produced a variety of kinds of animosity. The UNSC wasn’t forged during a time of peace, but rather as a solution to a violent war.

Master Chief Kotobukiya ARTFX Statue

The Japanese toy company Kotobukiya has revealed a new ARTFX statue that will be releasing in November 2014. This collector’s statue features interchangeable arms, limited articulation at the neck and waist, and intricate screen-accurate detail. Head here for a full gallery!


That’s all for this week, remember to check out the Bulletin for a Community Spotlight, a feature on a community member’s amazing Master Chief make-up, and a Shotgun-themed Screenshot Spotlight!

Until next week!