Halo Weekly Update 5/29/14

Two weeks from now and Microsoft’s E3 press conference will have passed,  it’s not long now until we find out what else 343 Industries has in store for us in 2014! For now, though, there are a few things to talk about – including the recently released Halo-themed Minecraft DLC!

First of all, though, let’s recap the Halo 4 matchmaking update that went live this Monday (26th).

Matchmaking Updates

King of the Hill returned to War Games as the featured playlist for two weeks, and it came back with a selection of new game types! The first one should bring back some fond Halo 3 memories: Mosh Pit. This mode features just one stationary hill, with players currently in the hill receiving enhanced shields.

Stealth King is the second new mode to be added to Halo 4’s KotH offering. This mode equips players with the UNSC Sniper Rifle, Plasma Grenades, and the Thruster Pack, with all players in the Hill also having Active Camouflage.

Also in the update, Oddball and Neutral Flag were both added into the Team Doubles playlist; Neutral Flag was also added into Team Heavies.

Handy Links


Halo: Minecraft Evolved Mash-Up Pack


Yesterday, Wednesday May 28th, saw the launch of the latest “Mash-Up” pack for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. This time, it was a Halo-themed pack beautifully designed and implemented by 4J Studios. We’ve been teased about this for a couple weeks, and you can finally download it from the Xbox Marketplace! Included in this DLC are 40 new character skins, a pre-built world featuring many famous Halo locations, over 30 Halo music tracks and redesigned menus/UI all for the price of just $3.99 / €3.79 / £2.69 ! Check out this post for more information! Or, if you’d rather see the pack for yourself, head here for Greenskull’s first-look at the pack!

Halo: Escalation #6


Issue 6 of Dark Horse’s comic book series “Halo: Escalation” is now available for purchase! This series spins directly out of the events of Halo 4 and primarily follows the events surrounding the UNSC Infinity and it’s crew. Here is the blurb for this latest issue:

“The saga of Halo Wars enters the modern age as Infinity struggles to liberate the long-lost Spirit of Fire from the deadly Vata ’Gajat. Meanwhile, Petra’s search for the identity of Infinity’s spy could result in her death. The Halo universe is on the brink of a new galactic war!”

Head here to purchase Issue 6 from the Dark Horse website, or ask at your local retailers!

That’s all for this week, folks! Be sure to check out the latest Halo Bulletin for a feature on Beyond Entertainment’s latest Forge contest, a spotlight on petetheduck’s Forge-built Mammoth and a King of the Hill themed Screenshot Spotlight!

Until next week!