My Top Ten Worst Moments of the Last Console Generation!

It’s been a long time coming since the Top Ten Best Moments of the Last-Gen, but recollecting the last console generation’s blunders is something that I don’t take lightly. From developer’s broken promises, to mishandled DDoS attacks, this is The Top Ten Worst Moments of the Last Generation!


10. Call of Duty 3, Call of Duty: World at War, MW2, BlOps, MW3, BlOps2, and Ghosts

What is the difference between all of these games? Well, aside from one being set during WW2, not much. Call of Duty‘s problem is not that it has not changed in a decade, its problem is that it has caused other games to think this is okay. Games that have no business being in the high-action genre saw there games being bastardized in an attempt to get a piece of the CoD pie — I’m looking at you Splinter Cell: Conviction and Resident Evil! — I think things are finally starting to calm down now that the Xbox One and PS4 have been released, but it caused a lot of stagnation at the end of our last generation.

And Activision Says Call of Duty is Different Every Year

9. Sequels and Spin-offs

Coming off of the “stagnation of gaming” rant, Sequels and Spin-offs shouldn’t always be a thing. Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite are two of the greatest games I’ve ever played. Period. But I have NO interest in playing Bioshock 2. Bioshock 2 is a sequel where you play as a Big Daddy. Even if the concept didn’t just seem like a cash grab to me, I would never play it because if it were as bad as its reviews, it would ruin the entire universe for me. Believe me, you might THINK want to spend more time in a game’s universe, but when the results are as bad as Shadow the Hedgehog or Hey You, Pikachu! You’ll be glad when you keep the amazing memories you have and leave the sequel or spin-off on the shelf.


8. Developers & Publishers Being Scared to Take Risks

This WAS lower on the list, but then Game Theory showed me that no matter how much we say we want something new, we don’t. But that doesn’t mean that developers and publishers get a free pass. More new IP isn’t a bad thing, and, while you build teams for them, you’re also attempting to discover the next big thing in gaming! Take risks people. The old saying “No risk, no reward” exists for a reason!


7. The Infamous Red Ring of Death

Most early adopters of the Xbox 360 had their run in with this hardware failure that SOMEHOW made it past Microsoft’s QA team. The overheating of the console, which was caused by the use of cheap thermal paste, cost Microsoft over $1B. All of which was from console repairs and shipping. Fortunately, MS was kind enough to triple all 360 warranties in case anyone was plagued with this in the future. It seems the Xbox One has learned from its predecessor. Though that didn’t stop my Xbox One’s disc drive from failing.

Unfortunately, the Towel Trick Was Only A Temporary Fix 


6. Mobile Gaming

The surge in mobile gaming is one that has me, personally, highly upset. Ever since the rise of the App Store in 2007, gaming has noticed a large surge in monetization of games after already paying their full-retail price. The worst of which comes in the form of in-app purchases. Buying things like extra lives and boosters in King Digital’s mobile wonder, Candy Crush Saga™, has raised so much money for the company (the company is currently valued at over $7B), that this business model has unfortunately bled over into the console market. Now, if you want to drive that nice Jaguar XJ13 in Gran Turismo 6 without spending 200+ hours, be prepared to shell out an extra $196 (that’s $255.99, total, for those not keeping count). Ridiculous. But I guess this leads us into our number six worst moment…


5. “Free to Play” or “Pay to Win”

So, “free to play” games can be great. Games like Loadout or DotA 2 are absolutely free to play and you can unlock everything they have to offer at a normal pace, or have them unlocked off the bat in DotA‘s case. The theory is simple, if you enjoy the game, you spend a few bucks every once in a while on some extra skins in support of the game or just to trick out your favorite character. The type of monetization that’s unacceptable is “pay to win,” — a game that is so incredibly unbalanced unless you spend money, and promotes itself under the guise of “free to play” — Games that are “pay to win” will offer weapons for purchase, with real world money, that players who opt to not buy can’t obtain. These weapons tend to be much more powerful, leading to a ridiculous imbalance and making the game not fun. This is such a problem that gamers have made a list on the Steam forums, ousting these types of games!


4. Motion Controls

Everyone thought it was going to be the “next big thing,” but the motion control fad has come and gone and the only ones to suffer were us, the gamers. Motion controls, whether it be through Kinect, Playstation Move, or the Wii Remote and Nun-chuck, were never really the hit that their parent companies thought they would be. And the worst thing is, nobody is willing to admit it! Xbox One still has Kinect (still with no core games), PS4 still supports PS Move (still with no core games), and the Wii U STILL uses the Wii Remote and… you see where I’m going with this. Motion controls were a bad idea from the get go and companies won’t let go. It’s time to cut the cord, mom.


The Wii Remote Was A Bad Idea, Even in the Future


3. The Nintendo Wii

The mastermind behind the number four worst moment of the last generation, the Nintendo Wii, was a huge success. Selling over 100 million consoles to date, the Wii was the most popular console of the last generation… that quickly collected dust on the shelves. The Wii’s popularity came from ONE thing, Wii Sports. Wii Sports was it, it was the trend setter. MS and Sony saw this and HAD to have a piece of the pie, but they weren’t the only ones; People needed to have the silly looking nun-chuck controller so they could play the poor tennis simulation with their friends. Wii Sports is the second best-selling game of all time, behind Tetris and ahead of Minecraft, and in being such, it has lead to the largest waste of resources in the video game industry and is the reason Rare has been demoted to more than the creator of the abysmal Kinect Sports franchise. Sorry Conker.


2. The Playstation Network Outage

One of the largest data security breaches in history, the Playstation Network attack saw the personal information of over 77 MILLION people compromised. The attack was so serious, that the entire PSN was taken down on both the Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable devices. It wasn’t until a week after the attack that Sony finally admitted that sensitive information had been taken for all users, and another two and a half weeks until the service returned on both platforms. But gamers were given TWO free game as compensation for the outage, so all was forgiven.


The number two was a pretty nasty event, so what in the world could the number one Worst Moment of the Last Generation be?!


1. Aliens: Colonial Marines

Yes, that’s right, the number one Worst Moment of the Last Generation is Aliens: Colonial Marines. This game is the culmination of EVERYTHING that’s wrong with video games and its industry, and is a travesty that should always remain relevant in gamer’s minds. Aliens: Colonial Marines, for those who don’t know, was a spin-off game set in the Alien universe published by Sega and developed by Gearbox Software (Borderlands).

The game was first shown at E3 2011 and looked stunning, however, the final game didn’t. The demo was built only to deceive would-be buyers into thinking the game was going to be good, and it worked. The demo was everything an Alien fan wanted, it was pretty, scary, and stayed true to its lineage while also immersing the player into, what seemed to be, a fun game. Then the retail version released, and, because of the broken NDA system –where content providers must withhold their reviews until a time of the publisher’s choosing, usually on the release date– for reviews that companies resort to when their game is terrible, nobody saw it coming. The game was ugly, buggy, the AI was terrible, and the gameplay unbalanced. Steam refused to give unhappy players a refund, and the game was SO BAD that the Wii U version, which was constantly touted as being the best, was cancelled right before release! Thankfully, this kind of practice isn’t too common in the video game industry, and whether or not a developer shows its game off a lot before release is usually a good hint as to how much confidence they have in it, and in turn, you should have in it.

Gearbox and Sega have both become the target of a class action lawsuit that seeks to reimburse players and, at the very least, make sure this type of fraudulent advertising doesn’t happen again. As of right now, the case is in ongoing litigation and Sega and Gearbox’s motion to dismiss the case has been rejected.


Yep, They Look the Same to Me!


And there you have it, the Top Ten Worst Moments of the Last Console Generation. I’m sure there are a few things on here that I’ll catch flak for, but I’m curious to hear everyone’s opinion! Is there anything you’d replace? Anything you disagree with? Let us know in the comments!